Thursday, January 18, 2018

Troubled Waters by Susan May Warren

Billionaire Ian Shaw can have everything he wants--except a happy ending. Or at least that's what it feels like with his fortune recently liquidated, his niece, Esme, still missing, and the woman he loves refusing to speak to him. In fact, he doubts she would date him even if they were stranded on a deserted island.

Despite her love for Ian, Sierra Rose knows he has no room in his life for her as long as the mystery of his missing niece goes unsolved. The only problem is, Sierra has solved it, but a promise to Esme to keep her whereabouts secret has made it impossible to be around Ian.

When the PEAK chopper is damaged and Sierra lacks the funds to repair it, Ian offers a fundraising junket for large donors on his yacht in the Caribbean. But the three-day excursion turns into a nightmare when a rogue wave cripples the yacht and sends the passengers overboard. Shaken up and soaked to the bone, Ian finally has a chance to test his theory when he and Sierra do indeed find themselves washed up on a strange, empty shore.

It will take guts and gumption for the PEAK team to rescue the duo. But it will take a miracle to rescue Ian and Sierra's relationship.

Heidi here. Oh my, Susan May Warren writes the most captivating and broken and likable characters ~ in each and every book she authors. Troubled Waters is no exception, except maybe it's even better than her last! She wrote a craft book, Deep and Wide (which I believe has been renamed Make Your Plot Wider and Your Characters Deeper), which delves into how to do what she does ~ but I am telling you she is THE master at making characters deep and wide. 

Ian and Sierra are so broken that they have no idea true love is right in front of them. Well, it may be the secrets they are keeping from each other, or the fact that they are living in the past, but however Susan May Warren does it, Troubled Waters is a thoroughly enjoyable read.

The cast of characters that has been created, the entire Peak Team members and now Ian's wealthy friends, are all multi-dimensional. Even though the reader doesn't know the characters backstory, having deep secondary characters makes the main characters even more interesting.

I highly recommend Troubled Waters as well as all of Susan May Warren novels and craft books!