Wednesday, July 18, 2018

New Release Fun, Games and #giveaway - 12 Sisters Who Changed History

Raise your hand if you love new releases!

I do too. :D And since this week is special, I've got some fun games and giveaways lined up.

Wanna know why this week is so special? 
It is the release week of my very first EVER non-fiction title, 12 Sisters Who Changed History. This book tells the remarkable tales of 6 pairs of sisters who ended up changing the course of history. It was so much fun to research the history behind each of these women, and all of them have so much that we can glean from their lives.

Who is my favorite pair of sisters?
It's really hard to pick a favorite pair of sisters, but I really, REALLY enjoyed researching Rachel and Leah. In fact, my research for this book changed my opinion of them. I used to think of Rachel

Where did the idea come from?
Since I come from a family of 12 children, siblings are a favorite subject of mine. So when I was looking for a new blog series, I was intrigued by the thought of Sisters who changed or impacted history. That blog series went so well, and I had so much fun that I decided to expand it into a book.

Ready to see the cover?!!! Here's a jigsaw puzzle of the book cover, just for fun.

What do I hope readers take away from the book?
12 Sisters is so much more than just a biography of 12 women. It shares the main events in these sisters' lives, how they related to each other, and how they impacted the world. Besides being inspired by these amazing characters and the fascinating history readers will encounter, I hope they also walk away thinking about what they can do to change the world for the better.

While we're on the subject of sisters, Share with me your fondest memory with your sister to get your name in the drawing for an ebook copy of 12 Sisters Who Changed History!

 About the book:
The remarkable lives of twelve sisters who changed the course of history.
Historians paint pictures of amazing men and women who influenced the world, but seldom do we hear about sister duos that forever altered the course of history. Whether fighting together—or against each other—these twelve women set armies to flight, guarded homelands from invasion, transformed countries and religious systems, and begat nations. From mythical Athena and Artemis, to the English thrones of Mary & Elizabeth Tudor, the influence these women left behind is taken for granted. Join us on an inspirational journey through time as we explore the extraordinary lives of Sisters Who Changed History.
*Athena & Artemis (Ancient Greek Mythology)
*Rachel & Leah (Ancient Palestine)                                                                   
*Tru’ng Trac & Tru’ng Nhi (Vietnam)
*Mary & Anne Boleyn (England)
*Mary & Elizabeth Tudor (England)
*Angelina & Sarah Grimke (United States) 

Ebook only $2.99 on Amazon or Smashwords

Monday, July 16, 2018

Weekly Windup: Comment to Win Adela's Prairie Suitor by Elaine Manders!

Welcome to the Weekly Windup! We have a winner to announce!

Winner of Dawn of Liberty by Amber Schamel is...Melanie Backus!

  If you are a winner, please Contact Us to claim your prize.

This Week's Giveaway:

  Adela's Prairie Suitor (ebook) by Elaine Manders

A clean, Christian romance novella about a Victorian era, western mail-order bride.
Most of the ladies attending the Harvard Annex hope to attain a quality education and advance the status of women--except Adela Mason. All she wants is marriage and a home of her own.
After corresponding with Byron Calhoun, a Kansas farmer, for several months, she's convinced he's the man God has chosen for her. She accepts his invitation to visit the farm so he can "court her properly."
Byron finds Adela as sweet and charming as her letters have indicated, but will she marry him when she finds out he's in danger of losing the farm?
Worse, how can he even convince sweet Adela to stay when his ex-fiance and mother are doing everything they can to run her off?
Prequels to the long historical novel series, "Intrigue Under Western Skies", the Annex Mail-Order Brides novella series follows three courageous young women who find love through the mail.
Check it out on Amazon

Comment on any post now through July 30th to get your name in the drawing! Winner will be announced in the July 31th issue of the Weekly Windup.

 Paperback giveaways are for U.S. residents only.

Coming up this week:

Monday, 7/16: A devotion by Shirley Ray
Wednesday, 7/18: Twelve Sisters by Amber Schamel
Thursday, 7/19: Hidden Currents, a book review by Jennifer Fromke
Friday, 7/20: Going in Circles, a book review by Heidi Main
Saturday, 7/21: Interview with Linda Shenton Matchett

Suffering from Burnout? By Shirley Raye Redmond

I have suffered burnout more times than I care to admit. It’s real and is serious and more common among women than you may think. Ignored, burnout can have significant consequences, including: excessive stress, fatigue, insomnia, depression, anxiety and alcohol or substance abuse. These consequences will affect your personal relationships at home, at church and on the job. Answering yes to two or more of these maybe an indicator:

 (1) Drag yourself to work or church.
(2) Lack energy to be productive.
(3) Becoming more and more cynical and critical.
(4) Becoming more irritable and impatient.
(5) Lack satisfaction in your achievements.
(6) Using food, drugs or alcohol or sleep to feel better.
(7) Feel disillusioned about life, marriage, job, ministry etc.
(8) Unexplained headaches, backache, or other physical complaints.

The Mayo Clinic recommends the following ways to cope:

(1) Identify what’s fueling these feelings and make plans to address the issues.
(2) Evaluate the options—do you need a break? Do you need assistance? Do you need to shift priorities?
(3) Adjust your attitude to rediscover joy and purpose.
(4) Seek support and learn to delegate.

Christview Ministries recommends that you pour out your heart to God, expressing everything you truly think and feel and listening for God’s response. Make your relationship with God a priority and do the things that help you grow closer. Build spiritual growth and renewal time into your daily life. Learn to say, “no” or “I’ll pray about it.” I have found the following Bible verses a calming reminder of God’s power and love:

Psalm 46:10— “Be still and know that I am God.”

Matthew 11: 28-30— “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I
will give you rest.”