Thursday, April 24, 2014

Anne Baxter Campbell Has Done It Again

Anne Baxter Campbell has paired with Helping Hands Press to bring you her second book in THE TRUTH TRILOGY ~ MARCUS VARITOR, CENTURION.

 Anne Baxter Campbell is a wife, mother, and grandmother who loves her Lord, her family, and writing. She and her husband, one very small dog, and one overweight cat live in north central California.

Anne is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers  ~ my first contact with this warm, inviting, author was at a My Book Therapy Pizza Party ~ during one of the ACFW Conferences. I've had the privilege to do some critique and review work for Anne on her first book of the Truth Trilogy and now I have the pleasure of introducing her second book to you, the reader.


Marcus, son of Senator Decimus Varitor, is a deconaus in the Roman cohort in Jerusalem. His tribune hints at a promotion to centurion if Marcus can bring in Barabbas. There are really only two things Marcus really wants - to be a centurion and to win the love of an Egyptian girl. 

When Meskhanet is sent to Rome on a slave ship and Marcus is captured by the very brigand he's supposed to apprehend, those hopes of his may both evaporate faster than a small puddle under the hot desert sun.

This exciting book can be read as a stand-alone novel or in conjunction with Book One ~ The Roman's Quest ~ both take place in the First Century and are packed with action and travel ~ from Jerusalem to Rome and includes slave ships, heroes and brigands. 
Anne's characters are richly and deeply portrayed  and the settings are word-paintings extraordinaire.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mystery quilting with the JOY Quilting Group.

My church quilting group meets every other week in the fall and winter to stitch on the UFOs and learn new techniques. I go sometimes, but I never miss the Mystery Quilt Day.


 A mystery quilt is an adventure, especially for those quilters who might be color coordination challenged. This year’s mystery quilt fell at a bad time for me, so I took a short cut (which was an allowable choice) and used a jelly roll selection. The problem was, the store didn’t have a contrasting enough second jelly roll to make an eye catching quilt. My best friend offered to cut the strips but I didn’t want to impose on her too much and use fat quarters, which wouldn’t cut quickly. With no other choices, I opted for two rolls exactly alike. In the rolls, the colors looked like they had enough contrast. Spread out on the quilting table, not so much.


When making a mystery quilt the quilter has minimal information about the quilt. We’re told to buy “X” amount of fabric, light dark, and medium color values, and cut it in such and such a fashion. Then we come together at the church and receive our quilting instructions one block at a time. Once we’ve completed a bunch of blocks and have to start assembling them, we get to see what the quilt is supposed to look like. I say supposed to look like, because mine never look that nice.


 Here’s what one of the completed quilt looks like. I think the name of the quilt is Keys to My Heart. The blocks look like keys, and the border (which you can't see) has block hearts at the corners. Note: this is not my quilt. I should be so lucky!


Now here’s one of my sample blocks (on the left) and here’s a sample block of another quilter (on the right) who used some of the same fabric as I did but apparently got the last jelly roll of contrasting fabric.



I like her blocks much better than mine. Needless to say, this will not be my favorite mystery quilt unless I decide to rip apart all the blocks I managed to sew at the quilting bee and start over. With everything that’s going on in my life, I don’t think that will happen. My quilt may become a very small, and very unattractive, lap quilt for my office. On the bright side though, if I use a colorful fabric for the back, maybe no one will notice the front.


Do you have a quilt or other craft project that just didn’t work out right?


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The British are Here!

Hi, all! Since this is my first post on Stitches Thru Time, do you mind if I take a second to introduce myself? I’m Jodie Bailey, and I live in the great state of North Carolina. When I was growing up, I was not the kid who wanted to get out of town. I always thought I’d live and die right near my tiny little hometown. (Well, unless I married one of the New Kids on the Block and moved to Boston, but that’s a whole other story that we’ll never, ever talk about.) As it turned out, I married a soldier and moved far, far away… came home… moved far, far away again… came home… moved far, far away yet again… You get the picture. It happened so often, I figured we’d settle somewhere far, far away and yet, here we are in my grandmother’s home, which we bought from my uncle after she died. I could not be happier to be really and truly home.

Since that was sort of a long rattle, I’ll keep this little tidbit rather short. One of my very favorite places on earth—next to my own backyard—is the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Ocracoke Island is only accessible by plane or boat and boasts wild ponies descended from horses marooned on the island after Spanish exploration and shipwrecks. Out there is more history than you’d think possible for a tiny little square of land floating between the Pamlico Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. For instance, one of my favorite bits of trivia is the fact that there is a part of the island that is British soil.

Few people know that the British sent ships to help America patrol the coast against Nazi U-boats during World War II. On May 11, 1942, the HMS Bedfordshire was sunk by a U-boat, resulting in the loss of the entire crew. Four sailors were buried on what is now called British Cemetery Road on Ocracoke. The land where the graves lie was leased in perpetuity to the British government so that the sailors can be at rest on British soil. There is an additional set of graves on Hatteras Island as well.

The more I type, the more I realize I could talk all day about my favorite place. We’ll have to do this again soon!

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