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Sit Down with Denton Davies & Alex's Famous Cole Slaw Recipe

Sit Down with Denton Davies

Good morning everyone. 
Whoot! Whoot! I'm excited to announce that more fun times are ahead when Denton and Alex Davies tangle with their hardest case so far. But they are certainly up to the task! :)

Today, Denton Davies--the protagonist in the Denton and Alex Davies mysteries--has agreed to talk with me about the mysteries he’s been involved in, and give us the lowdown on how he works. Let’s hope he follows through with the promise. 

But knowing him (a little), we can’t be entirely sure that will happen. Ahem. Let’s see what he has to say . . .

Welcome, Denton. Glad you stopped by to chat with my friends here on Stitches Through Time. I see Alex, your wife, didn’t come with you. Was she busy?

(Frowning): Yes, she’s shopping. For shoes. As if she needs another pair!

I doubt if any woman ever has enough shoes, Denton. Never mind that. Let’s move on: How did you first get involved in solving mysteries? 

Hmmm. Alex and I have always loved reading mystery books together. Lots of times we’ve solved the mystery before the finale was revealed, and one day, a real live mystery fell into our lap. I think my author, Carole Brown is going to write a novella prequel soon, so the details will be forthcoming (my word for the week) then. Suffice it to say, that danger to my true love, Alex, sent me headlong into that mystery.

Can you give us three things you're passionate about, besides solving mysteries? 

Excellent question, and an easy one. Alex, of course, is the love of my life, and along with that comes our daughter Kelli, who Carole will feature in a future book, and who is the joy of our lives. Secondly, traveling throughout the U.S. in our RV, fulfills the wanderlust I constantly feel. And last, fishing. There’s just something about sitting on the bank of a stream, river or pond, that tends to relax a person. And I’ve got to say, that most all of us need that nowadays, don’t you agree?

I certainly do! I enjoy traveling too, but have never had the privilege of solving any mystery. Why do you have such a fascination with words?

(Denton laughs) I’ve always loved to read so it came naturally. Words, their meanings, their origins, all that stuff interests me. I guess it’s become a habit through the years to choose one word a week, and see how many times I can use it.

Okay, last question, and the one we’ve been waiting for. How do you go about solving the mysteries that seem to fall into your lap?

Well, I certainly don’t look for them. But the way I solve them? Here’s a few things I try to do:

  • Ask questions. Lots of them. Sometimes that’s offensive to others, but, fortunately, that doesn’t bother me. That’s the only way to get answers.
  • I look at people’s actions and their behavior. Many times it’s just a little thing that sticks in my mind. I might not slip it into the right slot of the puzzle until much later, but it resides there in my mind until I need it.
  • I’m willing to look in odd places and at unsuspicious characters to see the whole scheme or plot. A picture, rope, news item (all of which was used in Bat Crazy) are ordinary things, but put them together, and they can help you see what could be. You never know who is guilty. That sweet little old lady could be an evil person just waiting to poison her next victim. That young and attractive, successful looking business man may actually be involved in criminal activities. Don’t take anything or anyone for granted.
  • And finally, you have to have the knack of putting all those little insignificant pieces together. You have to expand your thoughts and your facts into possibilities, and when those seem true, then many times they actually are. 

Thank you so much for joining us today, Denton. I have favor to ask. Would you be willing to share your wife, Alex’s cole slaw recipe? I’ve heard it’s very good.  

(Sheepish look crosses his face) Sure thing. I may have to sleep in the doghouse tonight, but I’ll have good company with our pet Jack Russell, Taffy. It’s simple to make:

Alex’s famous Cole Slaw:
Shred cabbage, depending on how many people you’ll be feeding and how well it’s liked.
Shred a bit of carrot for color. (up to a whole carrot)
If you like onion, feel free to dice/shred a bit of that too, but be careful not to overwhelm the taste.
Stir together.

In the meantime, mix:

  • Mayonaise (again, trial and error is good). Alex usually uses two large heaping tablespoons.
  • A couple tablespoons of white vinegar
  • Dashes of salt and pepper
  • A tablespoon or so of sugar (again, to taste)

Whip together

If it ends up not being enough, just repeat the process, cutting down on the ingredients or adding more, as you need.

You want it to be pourable.

Then pour over your mixed cabbage, carrot and onion. Stir. You won’t want it too runny or too dry. Sample taste and adjust as desired.

Let sit covered in the fridge till ready to eat. Stir lightly.

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