Saturday, July 23, 2016

Meet Starli from Knight in Shining Apron

Hey Ya'll! I'm so excited to be introducing the heroine from (one of our very own Stitches Thru Time authors) Carole Brown's book Knight in Shining Apron! I love character interviews, because they really help you get the know the character you'll be reading about. Carole has created a fascinating person named Starli, and we get to talk with her today. 

Welcome, Starli! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I come from a financially secure home. My parents were loving and allowed me to pursue any reasonable activity with which I professed interest. I suppose because they were extremely busy with their own activities, they were pleased when I found activities that interested me and kept me busy. I never doubted their love though. It was just the way our family was.
My hair is very blond and I have green eyes. I’m tall, and most of the people in Appleton assume I’m confident, a bit cold and aloof, when actually, inside, I don’t feel any of those things. But then, that’s what wrong decisions do to a person.
When my husband died, I took the insurance money, studied and built a restaurant geared toward classy, with live music and the best menu, staff, and chefs I could find. Surprisingly, it became very popular, and my plans are to expand in the near future.
I love the winter and any of the activities acquainted with the winter season. I love to ice skate, love classical music and piano. I like poetry and adore my two best friends: Antoinette (Toni) DeLuca Douglas and Caroline (Caro) Gibson.
I can’t think of anything else interesting enough about me to relate.  I will say that you need to check out Knight in Shining Apron, and don’t forget to review for my author. (It makes her happy!)

What made you decide on the restaurant business?
Believe it or not, I think it was a little bit of stubbornness that decided I would do something with my life that was entirely different from anything in my past life. I can’t cook--at least not much, so this was as different as I could get.
But I studied hard, and knew exactly what I wanted. I’m from West Virginia, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy classy, and that’s what I began with Apple Blossoms.  Live music, a top notch menu, loyal and excellently trained staff (especially Manny, my maitre de--my right-hand man!) and wonderful patrons.

What is your greatest fear?
It used to be the Strattons--my husband and his family. But now? Perhaps, it’s failure. I suppose because of Ryan’s constant reminders almost all of our married life of what a failure I was, the nagging fear of that still wants to play out in my life. But with God’s help and encouragement and Joel’s strength and love, I’ve overcome those feelings for the most part and enjoy peace.
My author, Carole Brown

If you could go back ten or fifteen years, what advice would you give yourself?
Don’t marry Ryan Stratton and continue on with my plans to be a concert pianist. I would urge straight forward thinking and plans to not waver in that decision.

Where do you see yourself being ten years down the road? 
Joel and I want to expand Apple Blossoms and see it grow but also to continue to have the high standards with which I built it. 
 I want to continue my piano concerts within reason and even do some benefits to help worthy causes.  
I also want to work hard at being the best mother and wife I can be. The second chance God has given me is a privilege to be all I can be, and I intend to do just that.

Who is your favorite concert pianist? 
In my novel that my author wrote about Joel and myself, Pierre Markus is my favorite. (Of course, remember, he is a made-up one, but in my story, real.)

Recently I heard Pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii playing his composition “Elegy for the Victims of the Tsunami (March 11, 2011, Japan), and the ability he portrayed and his passionate response afterwards--bursting into tears--touched my heart. 

Carole and I enjoy many others but we’ll name a few that are favorites: Arthur Cortot’s rendition of Chopin’s Ballade #2 is excellent. Arthur Rubinstein’s passionate playing of Chopin’s Fantaisie Impromptu, Op 66 is awesome. Andrea Romano does an impressive job on Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. There’s tons more that I really, really enjoy who have marvelous talent.

What a list, I'm going to go look all those up and listen to them. Any parting remarks?

I hope all you readers will check out Carole’s Appleton, West Virginia Romantic Mysteries.

Book One: Sabotaged Christmas tells the story of Toni DeLuca, one of my best friends, and Perrin Douglas, college professor sans romance adventure author. Accusations at her dead father and sabotaged construction sites are both part of the intrigue of this story.

Book Two: Knight in Shining Apron

Book Three: COMING! Undiscovered Treasures (with an excerpt in the back of Knight in Shining Apron) is written and being edited now. Missing art work and perhaps even a trip to Paris might be in the works!

Thanks so much for sharing with us today, Starli!

Thanks for the invitation, Amber! It’s been a pleasure. --Starli

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  1. I always like character interviews too. Such fun.

    1. Good morning, Mary! So glad you stopped by. What is your favorite question to ask fictional characters?

  2. Fun interview and this series sounds great!

    1. Hey Connie! Thanks for stopping by this morning! Glad you enjoyed the interview.

  3. Connie and Mary, always enjoy it when you stop by. Thanks so much and do hope you will get to read Knight in Shining Apron! (--Starli here) and, of course, Carole. Lol

  4. Love the title...really draws you in. These interviews really do help you to get to know the characters.

  5. I appreciate character interviews on a blog post. Thank yoiu for sharing Starli. Starli, would you enjoy traveling the world as a concertpianist? What is one of your favor entree from your menu?

  6. Thanks for sharing about Starli. Good luck with the book.