Friday, May 6, 2016

Singing Songs All Day Long


Whenever anyone says, “We’ll have fun.” Immediately through my head goes. “Fun! Fun! Now that Daddy took the T-Bird awa-aa-aay!” 
The declaration “I want to” brings to mind “Hold your ha—aa—aa-nd! I want to hold your hand.” Of course, from there, I just have to continue with, “And when you touch me, I feel happy…inside. It’s such a feeling that, my love, I can’t hide! I can’t hide! I can’t Hi—ii—ii—ide!”

I’ll sing the whole song if I’m by myself. My husband usually protests, and since he only has one ear AND I’m so submissive… J…I stop before it’s completion. Almost anything anyone can say will bring a song into my head. Matter of fact, there’s usually a song playing there all the time, and if asked, I can start singing it right in the middle of a stanza.

This led my daughter—when she was six or seven—to inform a little friend with her in the back seat—while I sang passionately to the radio behind the driver’s wheel, “My mama knows all the words to all the songs…even the ones she hasn’t heard.” She cracked me up, but I bit my tongue and didn’t laugh.

Yes. (think 12-Step Program)
Hello, my name’s Caryl, and I’m a singer.

I’ve always loved music and singing. Choir was my favorite high school class. I must have said a thousand times how much I’d love to get paid to sing, but I don’t have an outstanding voice. I used to wonder if I’d taken lessons…but the years flew by and grew me into a wife with three children. One shrugs and goes, “Oh, well.”

At a church we went to, the music director offered voice lessons, and my dear husband signed me up for a birthday present when we could barely buy groceries. I think I had three total, a grand time, and found out I have a five octave range—well not anymore, that was in my thirties. Brother Warren seemed impressed, so I figured it was cool.

My favorite singing is praise and worship. Oh, how I love to enter His gates with thanksgiving then go into His courts with praise. Because the curtain to the Holy of Holies was rent when Yahshuah died on the cross, I can go right into His throne room, bow there, and worship Him in song. There’ve been times at church I thought…if I peeked…I would see Him there—His presence so overwhelmed me.

And He’s been giving me new songs since the ’80s. Mostly praise and worship, but a song for each of my grandsugars—I have sixteen now—and songs to go with the children’s stories written with my husband. And not too long ago, God told me I was His “singing pray-er”. I so loved that. I’ve been singing my prayers for years at prayer group.

SO last November, my husband surprised me saying he wanted to get a nice camera to video me singing my songs. We ordered lights and the whole bit. And now I have a YouTube channel! That’s right! People around the world can hear my new songs! I have SO many more to put up, but there are five now and more coming…so click on over! Have some Friday fun! And if you enjoy the songs, subscribe so you won’t miss any new uploads!

My YouTube Channel! Scripture songs, songs He gave me to go with my books, special song for a very special Facebook group "Heart"wings" - a women's fellowship! (If you're a Christian lady, you need but ask, and I'm happy to add you!), and grandsugars' songs! Be sure to subscribe while you're there so you won't miss any of the new uploads!

And every day, “Sing…sing a song! Sing out loud! Sing out strong! Sing about happy, not sad…sing about good things, not bad!” And be blessed!   

Are you a singer, too?

Bio: Caryl McAdoo is all about loving the Lord and currently writes four series, praying each story gives God glory: the historical Christian ‘Texas Romance’; a contemporary ‘Red River Romance’; 'The Generations', her Biblical fiction, and the newest 'Days of Dread Trilogy' for mid-grade and young adult readers. The Singing Pray-er loves praising with new songs her Heavenly Father gives her. She counts four children and sixteen grandsugars life’s biggest blessings and believes all good things come from above. Caryl and her high school sweetheart-husband Ron live in the woods of Red River County in the far northeast corner of the Lone Star State with two grandsons.

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  1. I so relate with you Caryl! I remember sitting on the step between the kitchen and living room of my grandparents' farm house and singing with my grandmother when I was very small. Music has alwsys been an important part of my life and since I have lived many years, I know a lot of songs! I even sometimes wake up with a song in my head that I haven't heard forever! Hope that isn't a sign of senility :-)

    1. Me, too! I do that, Connie! Wake up with a song in my head...I've even woke myself up singing so loud in my head! Ah ha ha ha ha! :) I love music...Just think about God making music for us! :)

  2. Hi, Caryl, my "heart" sister and co-administrator of Heart"wings" - a women's fellowship! God truly gifted me joy when He allowed me to be your friend, Caryl. I can't remember what my life was like without you in it. I love the message here - I think you of as always singing and can almost hear you when the Texas wind is blowing toward Arizona!

    Since I met Caryl last October when she was brought into the fellowship, by our mutual friend - Author DiAne Gates, she has truly brightened my life. When she agreed to co-administrate Heart"wings" on January 1st of this year I was ecstatic! j

    1. I love you, Joyce, and have got to get myself to Havasu City so we can talk and visit and share and sing :) I could never have imagined what this Facebook group could mean to me! Christian ladies...I'd love to introduce you to Heart"wings" - a women's fellowship. Just let me know you'd like that and you'll be amazed, too! It is an anointed group!