Wednesday, January 6, 2016

More Greeting Card Crafts from Catherine Castle

More Greeting Card Crafts from Catherine Castle

The Christmas rush is over, all but the putting away: Trees, ornaments, wreaths, lights. There’s a lot to do. Why not take a few minutes and do something creative as the New Year starts?

By now you have a new stack of Christmas cards. I know I do! J

If you’re like me, you keep them. It might be the artist in me, or maybe just the collector that causes me to keep old greeting cards. Whatever fuels my fetish, I’m always looking for new ideas to recycle greeting cards.

Today I’m showing you a super easy recycled craft you (and the kiddies) can do in just a few minutes. All you need are:

  • Old greeting cards
  • Pen or pencil
  • A round glass (for a circular coaster) or a cardboard template for a square coaster. (I used an old square paper coaster for my pattern)
  • Scissors
  • Rubber cement
  • Empty tissue boxes (optional)

    Here’s the craft we’ll be making.  Holiday Coasters!

Why would you need to make paper coasters, you ask?

  • Thy make a sturdier coaster than a napkin does.
  • They dress up plain placemats.
  • They make a fun gift.
  • They’re an inexpensive way to protect your furniture when you need a lot of coasters for holiday parties.
  • They recycle items you would normally trash
  • They’re an easy craft for the kids on wintery school’s out days.
  • They’re just plain fun!

Here’ the instructions:

  • From your card stash choose images that make a complete picture. Looking at the coasters pictured above, you can see how the snowman, the stockings, and the kitten make a more complete picture than the ornament coaster. While the ornament is okay, it doesn’t show as well. If you aren’t using a glass that you can see through, make an open template the size you want your coaster to be. Place it over the greeting card, positioning it until you have the desired scene.
  • Trace the shape of the coaster onto the greeting card. For my square coasters, I traced the rounded edges, but you could trace and cut the coaster into a square and round the edges using a scrapbooking tool that cuts curves on square edges.
  • Cut out the coaster.
  • If your greeting card is fairly thick, this is all you have to do. In a few minutes you have a durable coaster that will last for several uses.
  • However, if your greeting card is thin or you want a sturdier coaster, cut another coaster shape from one side of the empty tissue box. Trim as necessary to match your greeting card coaster. If you place the decorative side of the tissue box face up, you can flip your coaster over and use it all year long!
  • Apply a thin coat of rubber cement to the two pieces, following the cement instructions.
  • Adhere the pieces together.

Do you have a stash of greeting cards? Have you ever made crafts with them? If so, I'd love to know your favorite  things to do with old cards.


  1. We tend to re-purpose our old Christmas cards by make gift tags for the next Christmas.

    Loving the coasters.

  2. I have made gift tags and I sometimes use them for recipe cards by writing the recipe on the back of the picture. When I taught the small children in Sunday School, I kept the religious and used them as we studied about Jesus's birth.

  3. You could also laminate the coasters. Very pretty and great craft idea.

  4. My mom recycles old Christmas cards and uses them for tags and decor in her gift wrapping. I have to say that my mom is extremely talented in gift wrapping. Sometimes the wrapping is better than the present inside.