Thursday, October 15, 2015

Powerful Prayer at the Movies

I so enjoyed War Room at the local Paris Cinemark theater one afternoon following church and Sunday dinner. It took me by surprise, and I'm a fan! From what I hear, you either love or hate it, and I'm guessing this has a lot to do with how well you know the awesome God I serve!

Father of nine, Chris Fabry writes for discovery like I do! I don't know how the story will end or where it's going when I start. Anyway, easy to understand why the author of War Room novel enjoys solitude. He says, "I want to change people’s hearts one story at a time. I want them to feel deeply and connect emotionally to my characters, and in the telling of the story, discover more about themselves, about others around them, and about God." Admirable! On Amazon, Fabry's novel maintains a 4.9 of 5 star ranking after almost three hundred reviews!

The Kendrick brothers with Beth Moore.
She and Alex (left) made cameo appearances.

I need to meet Stephen and Alex, the movie's producers also known as The Kendrick Brothers, LLC Asked what's next, one of the brothers responded, "It’s always an adventure, but not always easy. We are often praying and asking God what He wants us to do next. When a project is from Him, there will be a mutual peace and sense of rightness about its direction and timing that will be confirmed repeatedly with counsel and His Word.
     "Consequently, the movies and storylines have come more as a calling than some cool plotline idea. Over the years, we've discovered there is a huge difference between a good idea and a God-idea. Good ideas may impress, but God-ideas will impact for eternity. So, we will go through a season of prayer, sometimes lasting a few years and ask God to show us what is on His heart and to give us storylines and scriptural truths that He wants us to focus on at that time."

The movie debuted Aug 28 in the U.S. and releases this month in Chile and Argentina. It made $11.4 million opening weekend which multiplied its cost of creation by almost four times, far surpassing the brothers', movie critics', or industry analysts' expectations. A senior data analyst at Rentrak, Paul Dergarabedian, reports, “War Room is just the latest example of the power and box office clout of the faith-based audience and the profound interest that this group has in supporting movies that reflect their values and worldview.” It opened in 2nd place overall on 1,135 screens and 1st place for new releases! This is in contrast with most early estimates which predicted an opening of less than $5 million.  Cha-ching!

Its audience is definitely faith based. When researching, I was surprised to learn just how large that Christian audience is, that seven in ten Americans identify with the faith according to the Pew Research Center. You certainly would think we have that many listening to the news of every channel but Fox. War Room is the 4th in a line of faith-based films that significantly outperformed versus box office predictions. Why can't Hollywood see that good, clean movies will do well? Instead, they ruin one by inserting foul language so they can ooch its rating toward R.

I LOVED War Room! I mean - the actors may not have been fabulous, and the dialogue at times could have been more natural, but the message and dear Miss Clara, (played by Karen Abercrombie) by far my favorite character, praying for a young woman (played by Priscilla Shirer) to mentor quickly won me over.

I loved her bold and not so politically correct questions. And her prayers! I adored them! At the end when she prayed, I couldn't stay in my seat.
      I stood and raised my hands --and my face-- to Heaven, praising God for the longest. Thanking Him for bringing the powerful movie to Paris Texas and all over our nation. The lady eventually quit praying, but by then, I was before the throne in worship. Once I opened my eyes again, half the movie goers had filed out and the credit already rolled. :)
      What moved me most was His Word and His purpose being accomplished in a Cinemark! I had a more profound experience that afternoon there in His presence than I'd enjoyed that morning in church! Now that's a little sad, but you know, out in the highways and doesn't matter, God will meet you where you are.

I highly recommend you watch the movie at your earliest opportunity! Also that you get my newest book for your young readers :) You'll enjoy it yourself!

My October release is a mid-grade dystopian novel written to bolster faith in young believers that in all circumstances, God is with them and watching over then, and will keep, lead, and guide them through the Days of Dread. Sixty thousand words. Book Two   THE SIXTH TRUMPET   Book Three THE KIDRON VALLEY.
   One reader says this: "This first novel in the Days of Dread Trilogy fits the mid-grade classification in that the chief characters are mid-grade children. It is so much more than a dystopian story since it fits so well into the quest genre. Just as C.S. Lewis’ “The Chronicles of Narnia” are much more children’s novels in that they are dearly loved and read by adults worldwide, even so “The King’s Highway” takes the adult reader hostage and keeps them enthralled to the very end, a point when they will want more story.

BIO: Award winning author debuts her new Christian mid-grade, book one in the Days of Dread Trilogy THE KING’S HIGHWAY. The prolific, bestselling novelist loves singing new songs the Lord gives her and painting. In 2008, her high school sweetheart-husband Ron moved her to the woods of Red River County. Caryl counts four children and sixteen grandsugars life’s biggest blessings believing all good things come from God. Praying her story gives God glory, she hopes each one ministers His love, mercy, and grace to its readers. She and Ron live in Clarksville, Texas with two grandsons, Christian and Benjamen.

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  1. I haven't seen this one yet, but I they usually do such a good job with their movies. It's so nice to have good uplifting entertainment that teaches us about strengthening marriage, being good parents and prayer :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Still on my list to see. I may have to buy the DVD!

  3. I am hoping to see it but I may have to wait till it comes out on DVD. I always enjoy the movies the Kendrick brothers produce!

  4. I am going to get King's Highway, for sure. I'm too nervous to read the popular dystopian that so many people are reading these days. Being a mid-grade book, King's Highway will satisfy my interest and my kid's, as well.

  5. Unfortunately, War Room and many other Christian produced movies, come and go so quickly that I usually miss them in the theater. The trailer was so moving, though and it'll be another great movie for our family.