Friday, June 5, 2015

Book Review: One Among Men by Connie Almony

One Among Men by Connie Almony
The Maryland State University Series, Book 1

Product DetailsI just finished reading the contemporary Christian romantic suspense One Among Men by Connie Almony, Book 1 in The Maryland State University Series and really enjoyed the story.


She applied to run the all-female dorm at Maryland State University. Then why must she live in the all-male dorm instead???

Samantha Hart wants to find Godly purpose within her new Christian faith, like her missionary best friend, but is forced to take a job as the resident director of the all-male, Calvert Hall, where she gets to baby-sitting pampered party boys, rather than change lives.

Facing the typical challenges of her position, such as sexual assaults and drug use by residents, and those unique to being a woman, she leans heavily on her faith. She must also gain respect from young men who view her as a sex object—one of whom is stalking her—while guarding against the campus serial rapist.

It doesn’t help that her boss treats her like an imbecile. So why did God put her here when her experience was with women’s issues and she’d applied for the all-female building?

Chris Johnson, a rock guitarist who is returning to school as a music major, is intrigued by the resident director and the faith she shares with her muscle-bound resident assistant from “the hood,” nick-named Preacher. While Chris observes how they act on their beliefs, he is drawn into a relationship with a ruthless supplier of the on-campus drug trade.

While observing Sam’s care of students who don’t deserve her efforts, Chris assists her on the sly. Can he manage his two worlds without risking Samantha's life?


I found this to be a very well written book. As an author it’s sometimes hard to really get into a book and enjoy it, because my internal editor is always on. However, it didn’t take long for me to forget I was reading as a reviewer and eagerly start turning those virtual pages. (I had received a free copy to review when Connie appeared on my blog earlier this year.)


One of the things I liked most about this book was the realness (if that’s even a word) of the heroine’s struggle to maintain her Christian faith by walking the talk, instead of preaching at the other characters. She’d had her own struggle with some of the addictive elements the students in the dorm were dealing with, and she led by example. Even though she rarely mentioned her faith, the students came to realize who, and what she was—a woman who loved God. The faith element was organic and well done.


I was also drawn to the hero in this book, who walks a fine line between what he wants and what he must do. To say more would spoil the suspense in this book.

Another bonus I discovered when I grabbed the cover from Amazon is that though this work is set at a completely FICTIONAL campus, "Maryland State University," ten percent of current author income from it will go to Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) at University of Maryland College Park.

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  1. This does sound very interesting. A glimpse into the world on campus.