Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Love Like Ours

There seems to be a universal belief among women. We find a man who we love but has a tragic flaw. Instantly our maternal instincts kick in gear and we try to fix this flaw so that we can perfect him. Sometimes this flaw is as simple as leaving underwear on the floor or as dangerous as abusive tendencies. But one thing is clear, it is rare for a woman to help her love interest become a better man.
 Lyndie James is about to learn this in Becky Wade's novel A Love Like Ours. See, she has fallen in love with war vet Jake Potter who carries a heavy burden. One fateful day, he witnessed the brutal deaths of his comrades during a military patrol,   which leaves him suffering pstd.
 Lyndie has decided to heal him. She tries friendship, compassion, and even friendship with her disabled sister. But she soon learns a truth we all must accept at some point. Only God can heal a broken soul. One-by-one all of her attempts fail, and she is crushed as she watches Jakeget worse.

But there is redemption through God’s plan for Jake. Lyndie must become not a healer but a vessel for His healing grace.

Josette Downey  is the christian romance author of A Time to Say Goodbye, The Secret Son and Bonds of Tradition. She has master’s degree in English From East Carolina University, and currently works for a premier test scoring company. She is the mother of a precocious six-year-old girl, who enjoys bugs, snakes and superman.  She enjoys southern cooking, reading and exploring emerging technology, but is best defined by her devotion to her faith and the empowerment of women in the modern world.

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