Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Rock is Forever

Hello from Northeast Texas! It's my first Wednesday at Stitches Thru Times and though it is 'Woven' Wednesday, a needle in my hand is only good for sewing on buttons or small tears in seams. While I admire ladies who sew, I've never taken to it. My perfectionist favorite grandmother tried to teach me, and I did make one dress once upon a time, but we won't talk about that. :)

BUT, I like to think of myself as crafty. When thinking about what to share with you, I thought of something my husband actually did first, but I took his idea and made it my own. So once upon a time, when we were young and he worked at the fire department, I was a stay at home wife with three children. Finances were usually tight, but our anniversary--June 22nd--was just around the corner. I really didn't expect much, but my high school sweetheart surprised me with the best present I think he ever gave me.

A rock.

Yes, ma'am, a rock. But at the fire station, he'd borrowed another fireman's Dremel tool (it's a high powered little hand drill) and carved in the rock! He carved a heart with our initials! How sweet is that? I loved it! I still have the rock, it's lived in several gardens and sometimes even inside on the hearth. I love my sweetheart rock. 

Here's where it lives now, just outside our side private entrance to our new home The Peaceable. And I will have it until I die and then my children can let it live on in their gardens. 

Now what I've done from his idea and what I think you'll want to do is make 'Forever Rock' gifts for the next shower you go to! These very special rocks are great for wedding shower gifts! I carve wedding bells and in the bells, put the date  in one and the bride and groom's names in the other! The other occasion is to mark the birth of a new baby--name and birthdate - a baby rattle? A gift that lasts forever!  

  I also did some 'forever' writing of my own at The Peaceable in that private entry porch. Y'all have fun carving in the rocks! Oh, and I found 'wild rocks' to carve, but there are stone yards you can pick out the perfect one! :)


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  1. A superb idea. A gift that will last several lifetimes - at least.

    1. I sure have loved and enjoyed mine, Mary :)

  2. Replies
    1. You're so sweet, too! :) Thank for checking out my Wednesday post, Holly!