Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sticky Notepad Covers from Greeting Cards



I imagine most of us have this year’s, or maybe last year’s, Christmas cards laying around gathering dust. If so, why not start making some cute stocking stuffer items for next Christmas. With a few Christmas cards, card stock, a bit of ribbon, and a 2x2 sticky notepad you can create this cutie.


Here’s the instructions:


Supplies-a Christmas card that is at least 8 inches wide or long, 13 inches of ribbon, 1 3x3 inch sticky notepad, adhesive glue, scissors.


·         Out of a Christmas card, or a piece of colored cardboard stock,
cut a 3inch wide by 8 inch long section.


·         Placing your 3x3sticky notepad 3 inches from the bottom of the card strip, fold the strip around the edges of the notepad.

·         Cut 2 small slits, the width of your ribbon, in the back of the holder, about ½ inch from the edges of the card stock. You could also use sticky Velcro buttons to close the holder.

·         Thread the ribbon through the slits.

·         Adhere the back of the sticky notes to the center of the folded card stock … or not. It’s your choice on this.

·         Close the cover and tie the ribbon.


If you don’t have a Christmas card with a design that spans the 8 inch length, you can make the basic note holder from card stock, cut out the desired design from the Christmas card and glue it to the front of the holder. The top flap can be adjusted in length to show your cutout design to its best.


This craft can also be uses as swag for your books by adhering a photocopy of your book cover to the front flap of the holder. If you do this, I’d suggest making the top flap the entire length of the notepad instead of the bottom flap. Add your website address or any other marketing info you want to the inside of the flap.


This craft is quick and easy, and once you start making this little beauties, you’ll have trouble stopping. I know I have.


  1. What a fabulous idea. I love making things into new things.

    1. I'm a big fan of recycling things, too. This craft is so easy it's ridiculous. Thanks for coming by and commenting.

  2. How fun! I love the design with your book cover on the front!!

  3. Thanks. I'm always looking for new swag ideas - especially those I can make from recycled items. Cost saving and environmentally friendly. I'm fiddling with making coasters using recycled cardboard and photocopies of my book cover now. I haven't got them quite right yet. But they are getting close!