Tuesday, June 17, 2014

And now for some Exciting News from Tina

Today is June 17, 2014

Okay, so maybe you already knew that. Any calendar would tell you. As would your iPhone. And the headline really wasn't that exciting. Nor, perhaps, was the story it led to.

Don't you just love how headlines can pique your interest? Or do crafty headlines tend to irritate you? (not that mine was overly crafty)

I've actually followed a headline that told about the five foods, vegetables I believe, you should never eat or something like that. It led me to a video that I hoped would expound on this nutritional mystery, but after more minutes than I care admit I watched, the mystery remained a mystery. Of course they wanted to sell me something. I didn't buy it.

And now when I see the headline pop up on Facebook, I'm tempted to leave a nasty message, because they don't live up to the headline they shared. But I don't. I'm much too nice.

I've found, too often, that the headline is used as a way to deceive you. To get you to look. Don't you love how the news is always Breaking? It's like crying wolf. If a breaking event were to happen no one would believe it.

I hate to admit it, but I've been reeled in a few times. And sometimes the headline is spot on and I pass it over because I don't care to be bothered or it doesn't interest me.

How 'bout you? Can you think of some headlines that drew you in? Or left you irritated because the headline didn't match the story?

Have you ever wondered how the headline for the story of your might look? And just what kind of story would someone write about your life?

Today is June 17, 2014. This an important day in history… well, my history for sure, so I thought I would pull up some stimulating (mind numbing) information and we could all take a look at some tidbits from our past. Wonder what the headlines for these looked like back when.

1856 -- The elephants went on parade and had a grand old party. Well, the 1st national Republican Party convention opened in Philadelphia.

1877 -- The US Calvary faces defeat. No it wasn't Custer's last stand. The Nez Perce defeat the US Cavalry at White Bird Canyon in the Idaho Territory.

1885 -- A tall French woman whose been carrying a torch for America, comes for a visit.

1894 -- 1st US poliomyelitis epidemic breaks out, Rutland, Vermont.

1898 -- Grass skirts become fashionable… 

1933 -- Mob Massacre… Not in Chicago but Kansas City: 1 FBI agent, 4 cops & 1 gangster killed.

1943 --  New York welcomes a Songwriter, and the Copacabana is a hit 34 years later. Can you name that songwriter?

1960 -- A Church without a steeple is born, but he gets his Wings a few years later. Can you name that Church? 

1963 -- This actor does the movie Sabrina and Audrey is nowhere in sight. His older brother in the movie is a Ford. Name this actor?

See I told you I had some awesome information to share. Don't roll your eyes...

And I saved the best for last. 

1961 -- An author is born. Yep… Me. and since it's my birthday, I'm giving away two eBooks this week.

Bored, Adam prepares to divorce, Grace, his wife of seven years. Then Grace is killed in a terrorist attack, leaving him to raise their three-year-old twins, Faith and Hope. The girls have no idea the world's gone crazy, they just want their mother home. Adam isn't sure how to tell them she's gone. How can he, when he's not sure what really happened? When he doesn't want to believe it himself.

Grace's family and Adam's brother come to help, but Adam hesitates to open up to them. Their care only magnifies his loss. His guilt. If Grace would come home, he'd be a better husband. Father. Anything to stop the guilt ravaging his soul. But the more he uncovers about Grace, and her love, the more broken he becomes. Adam is a man with no heart. A man with no faith. A man with no God. Then there was grace.

Willow Creek, Colorado, is a town built on dreams of gold and secrets. Whose life will change forever if their secret is revealed? 

Dr. Harrison Caldwell, who hopes the mountains will shelter him so his past won't find him? 

Mitchell Grover, who hopes to win the mountain for the Lord, and might, if the townspeople would let him down his past? 

Esther Warren, who wants to be a doctor but can't forget the blood on her hands? 

Crazy Joe, a solitary figure going about his business, helping others like a finely tuned clock, only now someone is interested in the secret he may be hiding? 

Cordela Mason, the town madam, who knows many secrets, but her dreams just might put her out of business. 

Comment on this post and others here at Stitches Thru Time throughout the week to have your name put in this week's drawing. I will announce the winners on this post and they will be announced on the Prizes Galore Page  

I'll give the answers to the questions if someone hasn't guessed them.


  1. Tina,

    I love reading old newspapers, so headlines catch my eye. These are intriguing. I'll be back for the answers because I can't guess.

    1. Elaine, I like old newspapers too. I must admit that in some of the older papers it's easy to get lost following the story. They really tried to use every in of space. The little tidbits today weren't all headlines. I was thinking about the papers that set up with, I think it was Dewey, winning and the tally on the votes changed come morning.

    I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day!

    Amber Schamel
    Bringing HIStory to Life

    1. Thank you, Amber, I am certainly going to try and have wonderful one.

  3. ♫♪♫♪ Happy Birthday, Tina! ♫♪♫ I loved you post!

    1. Patricia, thank you for the song. It was beautiful. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

  4. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Thanks for sharing your books with us!

    colorvibrant at gmail dot com

    1. Heidi, thank you. I plan to have a wonderful day. As for the books, you are most welcome. I would like to share them with more people.

  5. Happy Birthday, Tina. May the year bring you new blessings.

    1. Hello again, Elaine, appreciate the Happy Birthday. I would love new blessings. I hope you receive some as well.

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday, Tina!!!! Hope it's a great one. =D

    I also hope you give the answers to some of those questions you posed. ;)

    1. Thank you, Crystal. I promise I will answer some of those questions.

  7. What a great day....your birthday! Have a very happy birthday and I wish for you many, many more.

    1. Thank you Melanie. I should like to have many more birthdays. According to my husband, we are going to live til we're 110. Oh mercy.

  8. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful birthday, Tina!

  9. happy birthday!! thanks for sharing! truckredford at gmail dot com

  10. Some answers to questions

    In 1885 - The Frenchwoman is the Statue of Liberty.

    In 1898 - grass skirts become fashionable because Hawaii becomes a US territory.

    In 1943 - Singer/ Songwriter Barry Manila is born.

    In 1960 - Thomas Hayden Church of Wings and Lonesome Dove fame is born .

    In 1963 - Greg Inner is born. He played is Sabrina with Harrison For and has done several other movies.

  11. Hello Tina. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday. May GOD rain down many blessings on you. And, wishing for many, many more. You are just a young chick. This was really a fun post. Thanks for the entertainment. I would love to be your winner. Maxie
    > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

  12. Hello Anonymous thank you so much stopping by. I suppose I can be a young chick… although I'm feeling touch more middle of road. LOL

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  14. I see my spell checker was doing its regular horrible job checking my posts. It was supposed to have been Barry Manilow and Greg Kinnear. Not Manila and Inner. :-)