Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Holiday Secret by Kathryn Springer

The Holiday SecretFamily’s all Ellery Marshall wants for Christmas. To connect with her long-lost brothers, she travels to Castle Falls and instantly falls for the innkeeper’s five-year-old granddaughter, Bea. Carter Bristow—Bea’s handsome father—has given up on love. But Bea hasn’t given up on him, and Ellery could be the answer to her holiday wish to make Daddy happy again.

Heidi here. Let me just say that I adore Kathryn Springer's writing. Not only is The Holiday Secret an amazing premise, but Ellery & Carter have deep and painful wounds that they work on throughout the novel. I love how Ellery meets Bea before she realizes that Carter is Bea's father. So, of course, Ellery falls for sweet Bea ~ who wouldn't?

The plot is superb, The Holiday Secret keeps moving with no lags anywhere. All the plot points intersect at just the right times. I specifically liked the horse-drawn carriage ride on the evening of the parade. The atmosphere. The uncertainty of Ellery before they stepped into the carriage. Carter's surprise (and shock?) to see his daughter at the parade he could not attend. Carter's willingness to take part in the remaining carriage ride.

Superlative writing. Satisfying Christmas read. Buy your copy of The Holiday Secret today (as I am writing this, the kindle version is only $1.99).

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