Thursday, November 8, 2018

Wyoming Christmas Quadruplets by Jill Kemerer

Wyoming Christmas Quadruplets: 
A nanny at Christmastime…
Will she find love in this Wyoming Cowboys novel?

Six weeks on a ranch caring for quadruplets—aspiring nurse Ainsley Draper’s prepared for a busy Christmas. When the children’s handsome uncle opens the door, her task gets extra complicated. Marshall Graham is upholding his promise to look after his twin sister, the babies’ mom. But as family loyalty clashes with new love, will the perfect present include a future with Ainsley?

Heidi here. Ohh, this was SUCH a fun read! Jill Kemerer has outdone herself on the Wyoming Christmas Quadruplets.

Ainsley's biggest obstacle is a character trait Marshall shares with her father ~ the one that forced her to distance himself from her only living family. On the other hand, Marshall is so entwined with his twin sister, he won't even allow himself the liberty to consider a future life for himself.

Marshall's sister is disinterested in her four infants for much of the book, allowing for many points of conflict with all parties involved. Loved this read, highly recommend Wyoming Christmas Quadruplets by Jill Kemerer.


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    1. Angela,
      It is. Though everything Jill writes is fabulous :-)

  2. Wyoming Christmas Quadruplets is on my TBR pile. I always enjoy books with twins and multiple births. Great review, Heidi.

    1. Marilyn,
      You'll love it! The setting is snow and cold, so read it by the fire with hot cocoa !

  3. Thanks for sharing Heidi. This sounds great!