Friday, October 26, 2018

Mac and Cheese Candy Canes? Fun with Shirley Raye Redmond

Blogger Shirley Raye Redmond

Mac-and-Cheese Candy Canes?

Put the Trick in Trick-or-Treat!

I think gift catalogs are fun, don’t you? In fact, I am a catalog queen.

My mail carrier told me so. One Christmas, he gave me a card, thanking me for ordering from so many catalogs as it provides him with job security.

Funny man.

I am always perusing catalog pages looking for something silly or unusual for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions. One of my favorites is Bas Bleu (French for Blue Stocking). If you’re a booklover and are not familiar with this specialty catalog, you’re missing out. It boasts books and gifts that I’ve not seen for sale anywhere else, like literary fortune cookies—just the item to serve at your next book club meeting. There are wonderful note cards, puzzles, mugs, and the cutest Christmas ornaments—all with book themes of course.

Another one of my favorite sellers of silly gifts is Archie McPhee. You can find everything from Edgar Allan Poe candy to Shakespeare gum. They even sell mac-n-cheese flavored candy canes. Yep, mac-in-cheese. They have coal flavored and clam favored, if you prefer. Bacon and dill pickle too.
These make hilarious “gag” gifts and put the “merry” in Merry Christmas. My grandkids now look forward to whatever off-the-wall presents they might receive from me.

Do you have a favorite catalog you enjoy shopping from? C’mon, tell me!


  1. Thanks for sharing these, Shirley Raye! I'll have to check out these catalogs. I like to shop from catalogs as well. LTD Distributors and Christian Book Distributors are my favorites so far.

    1. Yes, I like CBD too, but will have to check out LTD. Thank you. Am always looking for new catalogs! :)

  2. I used to get the LTD catalogs and I did a lot of shopping from them. I also like CBD but I appreciate learning about these that you've shared. Thanks Shirley!

  3. CBD is my favorite catolog to shop from.