Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Boston and All Its Wonders

Good morning, friends! Amber coming to you today from the backseat of the traveling van.

There's nothing quite like visiting a place you have read, dreamed, and even written books about. Especially if you're visiting that place for the first time. This week, that's where I find myself. In the heart of New England experiencing all the history I have only read about. From the streets of Boston to the lighthouses of Maine, I am so excited to be standing where so much history and so much beauty converge!

So today I thought I'd upload a couple of pictures just to tell you what I've been up to.
Replica of the Boston Tea Party ships

We had the privilege of visiting the Boston Tea Party museum, where we saw the only surviving tea chest from the Boston Tea Party.
Posing with my buddy Sam Adams at Griffens Wharf

We've also seen the site of the Boston Massacre, Old North Church, the Paul Revere house, Lexington common, and the gravesite of Sam Adams.

Inside the Old South Meeting House

One stop that has been SUPER cool for me, is hearing the echoes of the halls where Samuel Adams made many of his speeches during the struggle for independence: the Old South Meeting house as well as Faneuil Hall.

Faneuil Hall

 Studying the life of Sam Adams was so much fun and so inspiring. The man was a dedicated Christian and a passionate patriot. Writing Dawn of Liberty was an honor, bringing this ambiguous character to life on the page. Since then, I have longed to walk the streets of Boston and see the city he so loved. Actually being here is surreal.

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  1. Enjoy all the history in the New England area. Thank you for sharing the pictures and adventure thus far. Blessings to you, Amber Schamel.

  2. Sam adams seems like a fascinating person. Would love to read this book.

  3. I have always wanted to see Boston. Thanks for sharing your pics.