Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year, Fresh Start

Did you set some goals for this year? Are you planning on improving your actions, your duties, your work, your life?

Two things have impressed me recently (once again).

  1. The simplicity of "just doing it."
  2. The brevity of life.

I received some encouragement the other day from a friend: encouraging me to write every day. Didn't matter whether it was ten words or a hundred or 5000.

Just write.

Last year was hectic, to say the least. Many times inspiration was lacking. The desire to write when I knew I needed to finish the manuscript, that it was overdue, that I was procrastinating, was overwhelming. Instead of finishing two or more novels, I barely managed to complete one.

  • come high water or whatever, I plan on getting the words down. I allow the overly cautious editor inside me, to hinder my work, and I know that. But one thing I learned while finishing this latest book, is to push through. Edits will find the plot holes, the grammar mistakes, and most anything else that needs refining. 
  • I must keep the determination. Don't let it flounder when I just don't want to write. Get something down!
With the loss of a dear friend late in 2017, the deaths of others I've known, the events in the world, and the realization that everyone ages, even the grandsons, I'm determined to love a little more, be more understanding and patient, provide more acts of kindness and serve God with a deeper devotion. 

So, I will strive to:
  • think before I speak. Disregard comments that will get me nowhere, or improve the situation, in giving my opinion
  • Hug a little more and say "I love you" quite often.
  • Take time out to show others small acts of kindness. I want to look for ways to provide effective gifts of generosity, and thereby, bringing smiles and a bit of encouragement to others.

Can I do what I want to do here?
Perhaps. Maybe. I hope to, and with determination and God's help, I believe I can! 

Wishing you a very Happy and blessed New Year!

About Carole:

Besides being an active participant in many writing groups, Carole is an award-winning author and enjoys mentoring beginning writers. She loves to weave suspense, tough topics, romance, and whimsy into her books and is always on the lookout for outstanding titles and catchy ideas. She and her husband reside in SE Ohio but have ministered and counseled nationally and internationally. Together, they enjoy their grandsons, traveling, gardening, good food, the simple life, and did she mention their grandsons? 

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  1. A wonderful post to start the New Year, Carole. Thank you for sharing. Determination and God's strength nothing is impossible to do when we are following His plans for our lives. Blessings with your writings.

  2. Great goals for the first day of 2018 and every other day! Thanks for sharing.

  3. thank you, Marilyn R and Connie! Your comments are always so encouraging.