Saturday, December 2, 2017

Whispers in Wyoming Horse Interview and Free Book

Good Saturday morning STT readers. This is a first for me. I've never interviewed a horse, but it sounded like fun. And I like horses. Let me tell you about the humans first. Danni Roan, Kari Trumbo, Lisa M. Prysock, and Rachel Skatvold are the four talented authors who penned Whispers in Wyoming, a new western series in which Butch, the horse, plays an interesting role.
                                                                                                                          Today we’re here with the original old man Brown Butcher, the standing stud Quarter Horse of the Broken J Dude Ranch. Butch how do you like your new home? I know you’ve moved around a good bit in recent years.

            “The Broken J has greener pastures and  more wide open spaces, than where I’ve been recently. It’s a fine home for any horse, with lots of history from it.”
            How does it feel to be back with the family? I believe Chase Haven has been missing you while he was away riding the rodeo.

            “It sure is nice to see Chase again, he’s always been good to horses like me, I missed him when he was gone, but now we’re back together and things are looking pretty good. A beautiful ranch."

            I suppose being here on the ranch things are a little more lively than they were in your former home.

            “I like watching all the activity here at the Broken J, it reminds me of my younger days. I used to really cut up the circuit as cutting horse. I’m not young enough to join the rides anymore but I see plenty; adventures for young and old, not to mention so many budding romances.”

            I’ve seen a few newspaper clippings of you working, but that was a few years ago, what are your hopes and dreams now?

            “I hope Chase and Phil will raise up my colts and fillies to be outstanding cow horses, maybe help Kade keep the herd here inline.”

            It seems like you’re happy to live out the last of your days here on this beautiful ranch.

            “I am enjoying the peace of my new home. I have a big green pasture, a warm barn and a new legacy to add to the history of this old ranch.”

            Well there you have it folks, straight from the horse’s mouth.  And remember there’s always room at the Broken J for one more, so come on by.

Danni just released Book 4 in the series and it's free this weekend. That's right, Saturday and Sunday. Just follow the link.

Searching for quiet amidst the controlling threads of an ex and well-meaning family, Michelle Brighton contacts a modern-day matchmaker to escape the bustle at her New York life in the hope of finally finding peace.

Quiet Kade Ballard knows little more than work, and the fact that he doesn't want to be alone on the Broken J Ranch anymore. Letters from the past make him long for a simpler time. Hopeful, he places his trust in a match-making purple haired psychologist, and the help of the Lord to bring him the desires of his heart.

Thrown together in a perfect storm of circumstances, can Kade and Michelle learn the art of working together? Or will their difference and the past separate them forever?

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