Wednesday, November 22, 2017

5 Ways to Keep Kids Occupied on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

I hope tomorrow brings you much joy and laughter as you celebrate all that God has given you. 

One of the many blessings that I have, is a whole troop of little people in my family. My young siblings, my cousin's kids (who are almost like nieces and nephews), will be joining us tomorrow for Thanksgiving Dinner. I've been working on a few games to keep them entertained while the adults enjoy coffee and pumpkin pie, and I thought I would share a few of them with ya'll in case you also have young'uns attending your festivities.

1) Thankful Birdie

This one is pretty easy and so it will work for kids old enough to talk, up to the eldest of us. All you have to do is get a badminton birdie and draw a turkey face on it. The kids sit in a circle, duck-duck-goose style. You toss the birdie to one kid, they will say one thing they are thankful for, then toss it to someone else. Each child says something they are thankful for before tossing it to someone else.

Speaking of duck-duck-goose, you can also play Duck-Duck-Turkey. ;)

2) The Turkey Trot

This is a fun game I found on Pinterest, and I am SO excited to do this one. It should be pretty funny, especially if I can get some of the teen to young-adult kids to play. You set up an obstacle course. The kids pair up into two-person teams. Each team will stand back-to-back and link elbows. (This makes it sort of like a three-legged race.) You give each team a ball (or in our case a Styrofoam pumpkin). They must then navigate the obstacle course and then toss a ball into the goal.

3) Ad-Lib Skit

This is an idea that comes from Youth Camp days. The director will read the skit, and the randomly selected participants must act out what is being read. This can become pretty comical, depending on those involved. I'm going to do the Bible story of the Seven Lepers this year.

4) Pumpkin Hunt

I did this one for the kids last year as well and it was a total hit! I take two or three of those small, decorative pumpkins and hide them in the yard. The kids run around trying to find them. The first kids to find it get a prize. Think Easter egg hunt, but with pumpkins instead.

5) Feather Race

This is another new one for me this year, but it promises to be entertaining. Place small feathers on a smooth surface, such as a hardwood floor, or a big table. Put a box at the other end, tipped up to be the goal. Kids must use turkey basters to blow the feathers into the goal. Child with the most points at the end of the time allotted wins!

What tricks do you use to keep little ones occupied (Ahem, out of the kitchen) on Thanksgiving Day?


  1. Great game ideas. With only a couple little ones in the family, they enjoy having adults play games with them. A tradition our family has enjoyed for many years--sitting around the table with board games visiting while playing. A blessed and happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your family, Amber.

    1. Agreed. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two days per year that we actually sit down and play a game of Monopoly. ;) Too long for any other time. LOL.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Marilyn!

  2. Oh, thanks for the ideas! This will help keep the grandkids entertained.
    A blessed Thanksgiving to you.

    1. I hope you enjoy them! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, Shirley!

  3. Thanks for the great ideas. I plan to bookmark this post. Thank you & Blessings!