Friday, September 8, 2017

A Heart to Heart with Jean Ann Williams with #giveaway

Today we welcome author and speaker Jean Ann Williams as she shares some encouragement from her daily life.

When my son died by suicide thirteen years ago, we stayed in our home where he passed away four more years.

This was more than tough for me. My husband felt comforted within the same walls where Joshua lived. I felt tormented. But, since my husband had a few more years before retirement, I tried to see the logic of staying. Tried doesn’t mean I didn’t grip, complain, and become depressed. I did though give my rants over to God, Who understands all.

We finally put the house up for sale in the fall of 2007 and four months later we sold the home. But, right before we left, I understood it was God’s perfect will I stay in the home as long as I did.

God had to break me, so He could continue to reshape me to advance His Kingdom.

Fast forward to today. We bought our “retirement home” with an acre of land. Four years later, a marijuana grower moved in next door. He took his acre of land and planted, well, you guessed it.

Each year these neighbors grow louder, more pot-smoking smelly, and unruly.

So this summer, we fixed up our house and now we’re ready to list it to sale. But, there are 958 forest fires blazing through the Pacific Northwest where we live. The smoke is so thick here in Southern Oregon, it is hazardous, so we’re holding off on listing the house.

For now, we’ll continue to endure the pot smoking smells (I wear a face mask when outdoors, but sometimes it even comes in through the open windows and I have to shut them), the boom box music, and the dirty language.
I know God has a plan. I believe this with my whole being. Sometimes we’re tried in the process and we must be patient and trust.

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About Jean Ann Williams:

Public Speaker for Mothers after Suicide Loss
Love Truth blog: read the book~God's Mercies after Suicide: Blessings Woven through a Mother's Heart
Ages 12 & Up Fiction: Just Claire Amazon Downloadable
ROAD TRIP OF DELUSION Young Adult~2017 Spring Release
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  1. Jean Ann, thank you for openly sharing your testimony. Prayers for your safety with all the fires. I'm sure Go'ds Mercies After Suicide will be a blessing to others who have experienced this. God bless.

    1. A heart-felt thank you for your kind words, Marilyn. God bless your day!

  2. Thank you for being here today. My good friend is going through this right now. The 22 year old grandson who lived with her most of his life took his life on August 23rd. All I can do is pray, listen, pray and try to be there.

  3. Oh, I'm so sad to read this, Connie. Yes, do listen, listen, listen. My dearest friend did this for me, and she encouraged me greatly during the early grieving years. She stood in the gap for me.

  4. Thank you, Amber, for inviting me to share what is on my heart. God bless you and your ministry.