Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Keeping Warm With Some Fleece and a Book

Angela here, and I don't know about where you live, but been it's been pretty cold the last few weeks here in Alberta, Canada (until this week and now it's downright balmy)! Anyway, I've had a length of "princess" fleece I've been meaning to do something with since my daughter was about one year old. She just celebrated her fourth birthday!

Time to get to work. So I cut a smaller square that would hang almost to her knees, cut a hole in the center and tied the edges.

Ta daa!

That was fun and perfect for my daughter who often complains about being cold. So now to do one adult size. This is the teal fabric I've chosen:

If I get it done in time I'll probably offer it as one of the prizes at my book's release party on the 27th! With a signed copy of The Scarlet Coat, of course.

If you want to get in on the fun, click the link HERE!

The Scarlet Coat     (Hearts at War – Book 1)

A Woman Compelled by Christian Charity
Surrounded by the musket fire of the American Revolution, Rachel Garnet prays for her family to be safe.  When the British invade the Mohawk Valley, and her father and brother don’t return from the battle, she goes in pursuit of them. She finds her brother alive but her father has been killed at the hand of the enemy. Amidst the death, how can she ignore a cry for help…? Rachel reluctantly takes in a badly wounded British officer. But how long can her sense of Christian duty repress her hatred for his scarlet coat?
A Man Lost to the Devastation of War
Passages of Scripture and fleeting images of society are all Andrew Wyndham recalls after he awakens to the log walls of his gentle prison. Even his name eludes him. Rachel Garnet insists he is a captain in the British army. He mourns the loss of his memory, but how can he hope to remember war when his “enemy” is capturing his heart?

A Scarlet Uniform Holds the Power to Unite or Divide
Andrew’s injuries are severe, his memory slow to return, and the secret of his existence too perilous to ignore. As Rachel nurses him back to health, his hidden scarlet coat threatens to expose the deeds of her merciful heart, and Andrew is forced to face a harrowing decision—Stay hidden and risk losing the woman he loves or turn himself in and risk losing his life.
Available for Preorder at:       Barnes & Noble           Indigo/Chapters         Amazon


  1. A cleaver craft for keeping warm with cold temperatures. I've made fleece tied blankets that are so warm and comfy to snuggle in.

    1. I love fleece. And the tied edges are really cute. Loved this idea when I saw it. Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I have seen the fleece blankets but this is so clever! I also look forward to Jan. 27.

  3. How cute! And it looks so warm and comfy.