Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Greeting Card Turkey Table Decoration/Name Place card


Thanksgiving has just past, and although I didn’t cook or host this year, I came up with the cutest idea for a turkey table decoration/place card. I love the holidays, and I love to set a pretty table filled with special touches. I guess I’m a Martha Stewart wanna be at heart.

I also love to make things from greeting cards I’ve saved. So, I came up with this darling turkey to grace the Thanksgiving table. You can use several as centerpieces, set in a length of silk leaves, or add an extra feather to the turkey’s fan and make a place card holder. Either way, it’s an easy craft to enjoy with the kiddos, or by yourself, that will make your Thanksgiving table a little special.


·       Greeting cards with a buy print on them on one side, and a solid color on the back. Or, two sets of greeting cards: one with a busy print and the other with a mostly solid color.

·       A small pear. I used a red Anjou pear because it fit inside the bowl I wanted to use as a base, but you could use a brown Barlett pear as well. Your feathers might have to be cut larger than the directions, though, if you use a larger pear.

·       Flat-sided toothpicks

·       Scissors

·       Glue (I like rubber cement, but the paper crafters glue tape would work too or hot glue)

·       Small bowl to use for the base to hold the turkey. If you don’t have a bowl, you can also cut a slice from the bottom of the pear so it will sit on a plate.


1.     Select a greeting card with a busy pattern on one side and a color on the back side (if possible). If you don’t have a card with a colored back side, use a card with a mostly solid color for the back side, placing the two greeting cards insides together.


2.     Mark the front of the greeting card into 1-inch wide strips and then mark each strip in half. Keeping the whole card together (If you are using both sides of the same card) cut the strips out. If you are using two fronts, then stack them printed sides out and cut into strips. Holding each set of strips together, cut out a feather shape from the bottom of the strip, then cut a second set of feathers from the top of the strip. Keep a firm grip on the cards as it’s important to make sure the paper doesn’t slide, so when you glue the feather halves together they will match evenly on the edges. Set the feathers aside, keeping each set together.

3.     Holding each set of feathers together, cut a shallow curve in the flat end of the feather.  This will allow the feather to seat nicely on the curve of the pear.

4.     Break a toothpick in half. Glue ½ of a the toothpick between the plain sides of each feather set, leaving ½ of the sharp end of the toothpick exposed. Match the edges of the paper and press the edges of the feather together tightly.  Set the feathers aside until they are dry.

5.     From another card with a solid printed side, preferably a tan or light brown. If you don’t have the right color, you can use a white greeting card and color in the head A quick internet search will net you a turkey head graphic that you can easily copy. The easiest way to cut the head out is to fold the card and place the top of the turkey’s head on the fold of the paper. Draw on your head, and then cut it out. When you cut the head, keep it connected at the top for easier gluing. Color in the gobbler’s neck and beak and give him an eye. Don’t forget to color both sides of the head. Glue sides together, with a whole toothpick sandwiched between the sides. Set aside to dry.

6.      When the feathers and head are dried, stick the exposed toothpick into the pear, arranging feathers on the pear in a fan shape, using as many feathers as you wish.

7.     Cut off the stem of the pear and insert the turkey head into the small end of the pear.

8.     To make the turkey into a place card, cut two feathers from a solid colored or white section of a greeting card. Write your guest’s name on the feather and glue together using a whole toothpick as instructed above.  Insert the feather in the center of the turkey’s fan. Set the turkey on a plate and watch your guests ooh and ahh.


What do you do with your old greeting cards? I’m always looking for new ideas.



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  1. Cute craft for children to make. This would be great for a Sunday School project, too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Great idea. You could also use a Styrofoam ball for the base. That way the craft would last from year to year.

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  2. I always enjoy ways to recycle my cards. This is a cute idea for Sunday School. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. What a cute idea. I use old cards in scrapbooking. Especially holiday themed ones.

  5. Scrapbooking is a great way to recycle cards. Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Scrapbooking is a great way to recycle cards. Thanks for dropping by.