Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Woven Through Time and Generations

This summer while visiting my in-laws, and after much discussion with my husband, we decided to take up a new hobby and craft--I'm sure aspects will apply. :)

Let me begin ... at the beginning.

In 1956 my husband's grandfather decided to buy a new car. With a family to consider, he chose a four door sedan. But why not take a look at the most striking models of Chevrolet? A Bel Air.

Example only....but someday. ;)
My father-in-law was nine years old when the car was purchased. He enjoyed, and suffered through, many a long road trip in this car, trips hauling their boat to the ocean, and learning to drive when he came of age. His father babied the car, keeping it stored in his garage until his death.

The car was then offered to the grandsons - my husband and his brother. Unfortunately, both were busy trying to make ends meet and discover their place in the world. Years passed. A roof collapsed under the weight of too much snow, tarps began to give way to the elements and the ever present humidity of Vancouver Island was...ever present.

When we looked at it this summer (only seeing the front hood, which was very rusted) it was with the understanding that if anything was going to be done to restore the car, it needed to happen now, or we needed to walk away.

We were met with both some pleasant surprises as dust and mildew were cleared away:

After several days work we had her cleaned off and out. This is what the car looked like before we left for home with the plans to return in the next few weeks with truck and trailer to bring her all the way back to Alberta.

I must say it was a little nerve wracking "driving" a car with no brakes backwards down a ramp into our garage! Thankfully my hubby and his brother were up to the task of being both engine and brakes.

Though there's still an overwhelming amount of work left to do on this baby, I must say, I am very excited about prospects of preserving her for future generations...

My hubby and his father.

And I'm excited about writing a split-time romance about the restoration of a '57 Chevy Bel Air sometime in the future. Because really, they say "write what you know." ;)

What is an heirloom that has become precious to your family?


  1. That is going to be one gorgeous car one day. There are no family heirlooms in my family, at least not that I know of. I look forward to future posts as you and your hubby restore this car.

    1. Thanks. I am quite excited about this project though it is somewhat daunting. I'll definitely keep everyone posted. :)

  2. My mother has some beautiful jewellery. Heirlooms in the making.

    1. That's wonderful. It's special now just having things of your mother's, but it'll be a great tie for future generations. :)

  3. A true treasure that should be restored with all the memories. I have a library table that was my grandparents that is one of my cherished heimlooms.

    1. That is wonderful. It's thing like that that makes them feel closer.

  4. We have a Hoosier cabinet that belonged to my husband's grandparents and for purely sentimental reason I have one of my grandmother's homemade aprons. She was a farm wife who always wore an apron!