Thursday, September 15, 2016

Homestands by Sally Bradley

Homestands by Sally Bradley is full of romantic whimsy! She writes big city fiction with real issues and real hope.

The story starts with Meg, a single mom who bumps into her ex-husband, Mike, who just happens to be a professional baseball player. When he meets her 6-year-old, who happens to share his last name, Meg is not prepared for this revelation of a secret she’s been keeping since he hurt her all those years ago.

Mike is surprised, but thrilled to have a son. Terrell is thrilled to have a dad. Meg is not thrilled to be hanging out with Mike on a regular basis again. Mike and Meg battle guilt and deep hurts as memories of their relationship pop up on a daily basis, spreading confusion and longing all over the place.

Chicago is the author’s hometown, and it’s obvious in this, her second novel. She paints the town with a personal touch, deftly weaving details that this former Chicago resident recognizes with glee. I like that the professional baseball team she chooses is a fictional team: The Chicago Wind. This team replaces the Cubs in Bradley’s fictional Chicago, but don’t worry, The White Sox remain.

The pacing is spot on, never flagging. I love the adorable 6-year-old boy, and I love how Meg’s thoughts and feelings ring very true to life. There’s lot to love here, check it out for yourself!

Since this story takes place in Chicago, I have to ask this: Have you tried Chicago Style pizza? Which is your favorite? Leave us a comment to win our prize this week!


  1. Sounds good. I love when an author writes a child or dog into a story.

  2. I like the sound of "romantic whimsy".

    Never tried Chicago Style pizza. Seen it in movies though.

  3. Love the sound of this book and love pizza......beef and jalapeño for me!

  4. No, I've never had Chicago pizza but I am a pizza lover! Thanks for sharing about Sally's book.

  5. I've had Chicago style pizza. I'm not a fan of it. I prefer my thin crust pizza. Homestands by Sally Bradley sounds like a fun read--a child adds to a story.

  6. Homestands is a fantastic book!

    I have never had Chicago pizza before, but it sounds delicious.

  7. I'm late to the party here, but thank you, Jennifer! So very glad you enjoyed Homestands. I, of course, adore Chicago pizza, but it has to be Lou Malnati's. And I'm so sorry to say that Lou's doesn't make an appearance in Homestands. :( It does in my other two books. Must make sure it gets in #4!