Friday, September 25, 2015

Cooking It Up with Teresa Lilly

 Today we get a special visit from Teresa Lilly! She's here to share some fun facts about her new release, Cooking Up Christmas, and she's also got a GIVEAWAY for us today, so be sure to leave a comment with your answers to her quiz to get your name in the hat. 

Teresa is also going to be joining us as a regular member of the Stitches Thru Time Author Team! 

 Teresa Ives Lilly lives in Texas with her husband, near her grown children.  She loves to write Christian Historical Novellas, although she dabbles in contemporary as well. You can see all her books at  She loves to hear from her readers at

Cooking Up Christmas

With Special Guest Teresa Lilly

When I was asked to join the group of writers for the Mail Order Angel Bride series I was ecstatic.  Darlene Franklin wrote the first book in the series “Jacob's Christmas Dream,” and gave the writers an outline and character names to build their stories from.

I wrote about Henrietta and Benjamin.  What came to mind was the thought that a mining town, which had very few women in it, would be in need of a place to eat.  So, I developed a theme around that.  Thus, Henrietta comes to town to work at the new Angel Vale Eatery.   

What she does not know is, Benjamin is the owner of the eatery.  He bought it for her as a wedding present.  Since they do not wed immediately, Henrietta is frustrated to not be able to speak to the owner of the restaurant.  Instead she is given full charge.   

Along with several other concerns she has such as, what does Benjamin do for a living?  Where does Benjamin live?  Where will she live once she marries him?   These questions continue to plague their budding relationship.  

Don't worry....this is a happily ever after.....

Try to guess what kind of food was being served at the eatery before Henrietta gets there.

a. French
b. Burnt beans and bacon
c. Chinese

Try to guess what kind of building the men of Angel Vale, Wyoming have converted into a place to house the brides-to-be?

a. Barn
b. Mill
c. Church

Try to guess what the root is of most of the young couples problems?

a. lies
b. money
c. other women

I hope you enjoy reading “Cooking Up Christmas”

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  1. What fun. Here goes.

    b. Burnt beans and bacon
    a. Barn
    a. lies


  2. I am guessing:

    1. b. burnt beans and bacon
    2. b. Mill
    3. b. money

    tlhcoupon (at) hotmail (dot) com

  3. My try:--B all the way. lol
    b. Burnt beans and bacon
    b. Mill
    b. money


  4. Welcome, I do enjoy meeting new to me authors..
    I think B<A<B for me :)
    dkstevensne AToutlook(dot) com

  5. I am guessing 1. burnt beans and bacon, 2. Barn and 3. Money.
    Thanks for this interview and preview.
    cps1950 at gmail dot com