Monday, July 6, 2015

The Simple Life

   These summer days we all make plans and chalk our weekends full of fun things to do. But have you ever took a vacation and came back more tired than when you left? That's usually how it happens for us.
   We make plans to spend time with the ones we love and wind up running from thing to thing. Never actually getting to spend any quality time.
   Thinking back to my childhood I spent a lot of days outside. I remember visiting my grandparents farm. Feeding the horses tuffs of grass through the fence.
   Sitting on the porch swing and listening to the grown ups tell stories of what life was like when they were kids.
   I look back on the days of climbing trees and picking wild flower bouquets and wonder about my own children. When they are grown what will their childhood memories be of?
   Will they have quality memories? Will there be stories worth the telling to their children?
   Have I been successful in passing down the importance of quality time?
   More than doings things. But spending time talking and listening and sharing?
    I want my children's stories to be more than a tale of the best IPad they ever had. Or the greatest movie they ever watched. The first video game they ever beat...
    My fondest memories are often those that were unplanned and unscheduled.  They were random walks to see the autumn leaves.
   Blackberry pickin' until our buckets...and our bellies were full. Watching my family tease one another as they played a close game of horseshoes.
   Don't get me wrong. I approve of making plans and getting everyone on the same schedule.
   But be sure you don't schedule the memories right out of things.
   Tell stories. Make stories. Share something of yourself in everything that you do.
 By, Me♣
Jamin Baldwin


  1. lovely, Jamin. The simple joys of life are the best! Always enjoy your writing.

  2. I was rarely inside as a child. I lived out in the countryside and would just go off for the day exploring.