Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Woman of Fortune

A Woman of Fortune by Kellie Coates Gilbert is a different kind of novel. Women's fiction to the core, it presents some surprising scenarios.

When a husband betrays a wife, the first thing that jumps to mind is that he cheated on her with another woman. But there are other kinds of betrayal. What if he loved her and remained true to her, but betrayed her in a different way? What if he did something with his business that hurt other people and ended up making her look just as bad as him?

Kellie Gilbert knows people. She begins with a woman who has everything, someone we might write off as not worthy of our compassion. Then she takes everything away from her - a tiny bit like Job. That’s where the magic happens.

Gilbert takes us on an emotional road full of twisty curves and heart-wrenching decisions for Claire Massey, ex-crazy-rich Texas wife and mother. When it’s all over, she will make a new name for herself, but first she’ll need to get back to the woman she always was apart from the ritzy trappings.

This story sinks you into a world of high-stakes, pressure-cooking family trials and the adage proves true here: everything’s bigger in Texas. Since I grew up in Michigan, Texas feels like a whole new culture to me and I felt swept away by the setting. But even if you’re familiar with Texas, you’ll still enjoy Gilbert’s excellent story-telling skills and emotional power-punches. I hope you'll give this one a try!

We live in a celebrity-obsessed culture, fascinated by the rich and famous. Why do we celebrate just a little when we see them fall from grace? 

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  1. sounds like a great book! Thanks for the post.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Linda. I just returned from the big RT Booklover's Convention in Dallas and learned about this blog post. Here's a SECRET! My publisher is offering this book for FREE DOWNLOAD for a limited time. Get yours quick!

  2. I think I'd love to be taken - on an emotional road full of twisty curves ! !
    This sounds so good...
    dkstevensneAToutlookd OtCoM

    1. Deanna - Thanks for commenting. The timing of this blog post is fantastic because my publisher is offering this book for FREE DOWNLOAD for a very limited time. On all e-book, hurry and get yours!

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    1. Hi Pat! Love seeing a comment from a fellow Revell author! FYI....our publisher is offering this one for free as part of the RT Booklovers promotion effort. If you haven't read's the time to get a risk free copy!

  4. Thanks, Jennifer! Such a treat to be on this blog! I hope I see you and these other authors at ACFW this fall!