Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How To Make An Easter Bunny Cake

Okay, I’ll admit—I’m not crafty. My cakes don’t typically look like ones you’d find in a nice bakery. So I was excited years ago when I learned how to make this Easter bunny cake. Whether or not your Easter celebration includes non-religious items such as Easter eggs, bunny cakes, or jelly beans, this is a great family dessert your kids will love. Mine were always greatly impressed with the Easter bunny cake, no matter how it turned out. Even more convenient is that you probably have ingredients in your pantry and fridge to make even a basic one like I made back in 2004 (pictured on the left). If you want to create something fancier, google “Easter bunny cakes” and scroll through all the elaborate cakes people have decorated for more ideas.

Yellow or white cake mix and ingredients to make it.
White icing (buttercream works best)
Food coloring
Jelly beans
Small tubes of colored icing for decorating
Cut cake layer into three parts
for bunny's ears
and bowtie

Mix and bake cake in two nine-inch round cake pans. After the cakes have cooled, remove from pans. Leave one whole for the bunny’s face. The second one, use the edge of your knife and sketch the two ears and bowtie. Once you’re sure of the spacing, cut the cake into the appropriate pieces.

Use a cookie sheet or something similar in size for the base of the cake. You can make a base with a piece of sturdy cardboard and aluminum foil, as well. Arrange the bunny to your satisfaction on the base. Frost with a white icing of your choice and then sprinkle coconut over cake. Save some coconut for accenting.

Separate extra coconut into bowls, add food coloring, and toss to blend. Use this for the interior of the ears and bowtie. Use jelly beans for the eyes, nose, and to line the bowtie. Use colored icing tubes to draw whiskers and a mouth. If your family does not like coconut, save some of the icing and mix that with red food coloring to line the bunny’s ears.  

The neat thing about this cake is you really can’t mess it up. As long as the bunny has eyes, a nose, and a mouth, your kids will recognize it and be impressed. The adults will enjoy eating it after Easter dinner with a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Have a blessed Easter,

Laura Hodges Poole is a freelance writer with dozens of articles, devotions, and short stories in publication. Her novella, "A Christmas Chance," and devotional, "While I'm Waiting," are available on Amazon. She is a 2014 ACFW Genesis semi-finalist and a 2012 RWA Emily finalist in Christian fiction. Laura is also a non-fiction ghostwriter/collaborator. Her passion is encouraging others in their Christian walk through her blog, "A Word of Encouragement."

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  1. Looks fun but simple, Laura. This would work great for any time of the year. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. It's very simple, but the neat thing is people can make it as elaborate as their imaginations allow.

  2. I am crafty but NOT in the kitchen. Yummy fun.

    1. Thanks, Mary. This cake is a part of my kids' Easter memories. It's one of the rare times I'm creative outside of writing.

  3. That looks good. Wonder how 7 minute frosting would work?

    1. I don't know, Patricia. I'm not sure I know what 7-minute frosting is, so you're already ahead of me! LOL. The kids are impressed by the bunny, and the adults just want to eat it. So I'd say try it and see if it works.