Monday, March 16, 2015

A Sunrise Song

Photo by Catherine Castle(c)


“Awake, awake and utter a song.” Judges 5:12


I heard my first robin of spring last week. After the subzero weather and snow we’ve had in southern Ohio, his song was welcome. He was singing outside the bathroom window. When I looked out, there he was in the neighbor’s lawn, his red breast a welcome spot of color on the dull grass.

I always thought robins were migratory birds, but when I did a Google search I discovered while some migrate, many remain in the same place year round. In winter they form nomadic flocks that travel to where there are fruits and berries left on trees and shrubs. When spring comes, the flocks break up and the robins choose a territory, often where they were the previous year, and begin defending it in preparation for courting and raising chicks.

While researching the migratory habits of robins I also discovered some else I never knew. Male robins sing upon reaching the territory they’ve chosen as their new home. They don’t usually sing when they are in the winter flocks, because hearing other male birds sing stresses them. Birds sing and call for a number of reasons: to attract a mate, defend a territory, keep in touch with family and flock members, warn each other of predators, announce they have found food, and to welcome the dawn. In fact, near sunrise birds often sing more loudly and vigorously than they do at any other time of day.

I found this last tidbit of information very interesting. I’m not usually up at dawn, but I have been awakened on several occasions in the summer by the birds singing outside my window. In my opinion, it’s a hundred times better than the alarm clock.

As a vocalist, I can imagine no greater way to express myself than through song. I wonder how much better our day would go if we, like the robin, started it with a song. Breaking out in a joyful melody to greet the day might lift our hearts, soothe our souls, and would, I’m sure, be appreciated by the Lord.

When we get to the place we’ve chosen as our new home—heaven—I know we’ll be singing as joyfully as the robin greeting the sunrise. After, all we’ll be experiencing our own Son Rise. We won’t have to endure long winters. There will be no more sorrow, no more pain, and our lives will be filled with peace.  
Are you singing a sunrise song ?

Devotion from Lessons From Nature—A Gardener’s Devotional© by Catherine Castle

Catherine Castle is an award-winning author. You can check out her inspirational romantic suspense TheNun and the Narc at Amazon.


  1. I know the singing in heaven will be the most beautiful that has ever been heard.

  2. I agree, Catherine. Birds are a thousand times better than an alarm clock. :)

    I enjoy singing as well, and I know I won't be able to keep from singing on that day when we finally reach the other shore.

    Great musing today!

    1. I'm hoping when I get there I will be able to hit a high C again, like I could when I was younger. But if not, that will be fine, too. If we sound half as beautiful as the birds it will still be amazing.