Saturday, August 30, 2014

Guest Blogger - Davalynn Spencer

The apple tree in our back yard is loaded with fruit, and every time I look at it I anticipate the crunch and snap of biting into a firm, juicy apple. Of course, if I did that now, I’d be greeted with a pucker-worthy surprise. The fruit is not ripe, and won’t be until fall when the air here on Colorado’s Front Range is as crisp as the apples.

This part of Colorado in the upper Arkansas River valley has long been famous for its apples, much like Palisades on the Western Slope is famous for its peaches. A local orchard has three heirloom apple trees that are 150 years old and still producing. It’s fun to think about what this area was like when those trees were youngsters—and that’s exactly what I did in my recent release, Romancing the Widow.

This third book in my Cañon City series released August 1, and the cover shows my hero and heroine enjoying a picnic lunch beneath an apple tree. I won’t give away any surprises, but that lunch in an orchard plays an important part in the story.

Last year at this time, my husband and I did not live in this country house with the apple tree out back, we simply wanted to. We made an offer on the property and walked through the real estate Romancing the Widow.
process while I was working through the final edits on

At the right time, everything fell into place. That’s how it is with God. He works things out according to His schedule, and if we trust Him enough to wait, we will enjoy the fully ripened fruit of our faith.

How grateful I am that the Lord did not give me all those other houses we looked at that I thought I absolutely had to have! He knew this one was just around the corner, and I’m so glad I waited. He knew what I was hoping for, and He had a much better plan than mine. Kind of like He did with Martha in Romancing the Widow. She learns that faith is the substance of things hoped for … but I’ll let you read the story to find out what happens.

 Wife and mother of professional rodeo bullfighters, Davalynn Spencer began her writing journey in the national rodeo market and as a newspaper journalist, winning awards in both arenas. Today she continues to win acclaim with her inspirational western romance placing second in the 2014 Inspirational Reader’s Choice Awards, and finaling for the Selah Award and the Holt Medallion. Davalynn teaches writing at Pueblo Community College, and with her handsome cowboy, has three children and four grandchildren. They make their home on Colorado’s Front Range with a Queensland heeler named Blue. Connect with Davalynn online at, and on Twitter @davalynnspencer and Goodreads.  

Martha Stanton isn’t looking for love. The light went out of her soul when her husband fell to a bullet in St. Louis. Now, back in her hometown of Cañon City, she's convinced she'll never know happiness again. Until she crosses paths with a darkly mysterious Colorado Ranger. 
Haskell Jacobs has a mission. And the beautiful, flame-haired widow sure isn't it. But Martha is somehow mixed up in the crime that brought Haskell to the rough-and-tumble town…and soon, she's entangled in the lawman's heart. But the danger that lurks around them is all too real. Can they find strength and love in each other before it's too late?


  1. Great analogies and lessons, Davalynn!

  2. Thanks for sharing! It's so easy to run ahead of the Lord. This is a good reminder not to.

  3. Wow, loved the story behind the book, and you obtaining it. That fuels my interest--always! Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Thanks Norma, Linda and Caroline. Sometimes I want to categorize 'wait' as a four-letter word! But then, so is 'love.'

  6. Davalyn, so nice to read more about you. God's timing is everything. Understatement. It's so interesting that you wrote about that today as I was reflecting upon similar thoughts this morning while driving to a writing event a few towns over. Sometimes we don't think He gives us what we want, but oh how He does, so I'm learning.

  7. Absolutely, Elaine. His timing continues to amaze me.