Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Easy Christmas Ornament

Plastic canvas seashell ornament


When my mother-in-law died we found a plastic Christmas ornament in her things that everyone in the family wanted. To solve the dilemma, I took charge of the piece and deconstructed it to see how the make it, and made ornaments for the entire family. Once you get all the plastic canvas cut, it’s an easy project. But I will warn you, it you plan to make a lot of these, like I did, you’ll give yourself carpal tunnel using scissors if you don’t spread out the cutting of the plastic.




Here are the instructions for this lovely ornament.



Round nose jewelry pliers

Wire cutters


7 inch piece of 20 gauge wire.

14  3 3/16 L x 5/16W strips of plastic canvas (which works out to 21 openings in length and 2 opening in the width of the strip. Using alternate colors makes the design stand out.

Assorted beads and charms.



1. Using round nose pliers, twist a small loop in one end of wire and attach a charm to the loop.

2. String one or two decorative beads on the remaining wire and add the 14 plastic canvas strips, threading them through the same opening on all strips.

3. Add a few more beads to the top to the wire.

4. Starting with the bottom plastic canvas strip, carefully thread the other end of the strip through the top of the wire. You will need to start with the beads and strips positioned at the top of the wire to do this without misshaping the wire. Repeat with all the strips, fanning them out into a sea shell shape as you go.

5. When all of the strips are threaded, add a few more beads the top of the wire.

6.  Twist a small loop in the wire at the top of the beads to hold everything in place.

7. Bend the top of the wire into a hook shape and hang on your Christmas tree.





  1. I know all your family members were thrilled with their ornament.

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

    1. They were. I made scads of these ornaments that year and gave them away to everyone.

  2. Ah, Christmas, it's not so far away now is it? Yikes! I need to start working on my Christmas book!

    Amber Schamel
    Bringing HIStory to Life

    1. That's why I thought a Christmas ornament was a timely blog. Summer's almost gone and Christmas decorations are showing up in the craft stores already. Sheesh.

  3. I love it! Just didn't realize Christmas was so close. lol

    1. I know. Doesn't time fly? I remember as a kid how it dragged. Not any more. LOL