Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yarn Doll

By Patricia Bradley

I first made this yarn doll in the '80s, and thought a new generation might enjoy making it. If you don't knit, you can easily make an A-line dress to fit, and I made a small hat out of a circle of material. 

Materials needed:
Knee high stocking
Stuffing such as kapock, etc.
Q-tip (plastic)
1 skein 4 oz. 4 ply yarn
Strand of yarn for eyes (blue, brown, black)
Strand of pink or red yarn for mouth
1 oz sport yarn for hair

Arms: Wrap yarn 50 times around a stiff cardboard measuring 20" in length. Slipp off cardboard and tie in the middle. Use a double strand of yarn to tie. Cut ends. Beginning at the middle, braid yarn to within 2" of the end. Repeat for the other side. Trim hands evenly. If yarn tangles, "comb" with fingers.

Body:  Stuff toe of knee-high stocking with kapock. Head should measure at least 10". Insert half of Q-tip into head and tie. Stuff remaining stocking just enough to cover end of Q-tip. Tie and cut off rest of stocking. This forms the body the yarn will fit over. Now wrap remaining yarn around cardboard, keeping the tension even and yarn smooth. Tie with a double yarn at top and cut threads at bottom of cardboard. Slip this over stuffed stocking head, spreading the yarn evenly over stocking and tie. Insert arms and tie to stocking body at neck. Spread yarn evenly over arms and stocking body, covering them well and tie. Divide the remaining yarn in half for lets. Braid each leg tightly to withing 2 and 1/2 inches of end and tie with double yarn. Trim

Hair: Using a 6" piece of cardboard, wrap yarn 55 times. Tie at top of cardboard and slip yarn off. Tie on the top of the doll head. Repeat, two time, tie hair on either side of the first yarn. 
Face: Using strand of blue, black or brown yarn, make eyes using satin stitch.Using pink or red, make 5 or 6 short satin stitches for nose. Use back stitch to make mouth.

I also made this doll in a 3' size and made a dress, apron and bonnet for it. But that's a whole different pattern for another day. 


  1. How adorable, Pat. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I'm glad you like it. They really aren't hard to make at all.

  3. Pat, this is really cute! I remember dolls like this. They are so much fun to make and to give as gifts. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  4. I remember these from days gone by. Thanks for the pleasant memories.