Friday, February 28, 2014

Where Has Love Found You?

February is known for many things - President's Day, Black History Month, etc. I think the most widely known day in February is VALENTINE'S DAY. Did you celebrate the day with someone this year? Love and romance get lots of attention on that date. Do you have romance in your life?

Have you found a lasting love? The most lasting of all loves is that our Creator, and Father has for us. He loves us so much He willingly sent His ONLY begotten Son to die a cruel, tortuous death on our behalf. God's love is unconditional too, and that's often nearly incomprehensible for us to grasp.

God has given us several Scriptures about love and the types of love we're to experience. Romantic love is more an expression of the CHOICE one makes to love another. God has used writers for centuries to show love through stories in several forms. One author in this century that I love as a friend as well as writer, is LENA NELSON DOOLEY.

 I think my favorite of her books to this date is one of the 'Love Finds You' books published by Summerside Press.
 Lena wrote LOVE FINDS YOU IN GOLDEN NEW MEXICO and it was published in 2010. A  Historical Romance the story takes place in 1890 in a booming mining town. It follows a young woman moving to Golden from out East, hoping to escape a frightening situation. She answers an ad posted by a wealthy miner requesting a mail-order bride. She's holding onto secrets and faces opposition when she arrives. The novel is a moving and tender story of finding love - real love. This book has a special slot on my 'keeper shelves' in my personal library.

Thank you, Lena, for writing this great book and giving me such an enjoyable read.

 One commenter will win an autographed copy of -
Love Finds You in Golden New Mexico 
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  1. I haven't read any of her books yet, so I'd love to start with your favorite of hers :) Thanks!

    colorvibrant at gmail dot com
    Heidi Reads...

    1. YOU DO NOT want to miss this EVER SO GREAT book, Heidi and it's a good one to start your LENA NELSON DOOLEY COLLECTION with - she writes Contemporary as well as Historical Fiction - the woman is amazing and oh so SWEET.
      Thanks for the comment - you're in the drawing!

  2. Thank you, Joy, for your kind words about one of my favorite books to write. Hope to see you in St. Louis.

  3. How did I spend Valentines? I showed my love by helping my cousins move into their new home.

    Thanks for sharing about Lena's book, Joy. Lena is such a sweetie. I'll never forget that car ride with her. :) This is one 'Love Finds You' book I don't have, but I doubt I'm eligible. ;)

    1. It's easy to get, Crystal and OH SO WORTH IT!

    2. I'll have to put it on my TBR list. :)

  4. Lena -
    I will NEVER EVER forget our INDY CONFERNCE - You BLESSED my socks off, dear friend - LOVE this book and you've written some FANTASTIC others.

    Hope to see YOU in St Louis!

  5. I just love both of you ladies. Thank you both for what you do and sharing your talents. Love is the tie that binds.

  6. What a kind and sweet comment, Melanie. Thanks so much!