Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Paper Flowers

I didn't mean to sign up for a Woven Wednesday. Why, you might ask?
Because I'm not crafty.
Okay, I make a scrapbook calendar and have a lot of my pictures in pretty scrapbooks, but those are pretty simple.

But, here I am.

My book fair (I'm an elementary school librarian) is next week, and it's a fiesta theme. One of the decorations Scholastic shared was making paper flowers with tissue paper.

So, here's my attempt at the craft.

1. Make a pile of square tissue paper with three different layers.
Bottom layer: 6 sheets
Middle layer: 4 sheets
Top layer: 2 sheets

(Notice I don't cut very straight)

Lesson Learned: Make the layers different sizes with the top being the biggest.

2. Fold the combined sheets accordion style, making sure each fold is 1-inch. Keep the papers together as you fold.
3. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the center of the flowers at the crease. Wrap enough that the paper is held together securely and twist the ends to make a knot.
(Sidenote: Where is the crease? I couldn't figure that out.)
4. Unfold the flower. Fan out the tissue paper so that no sheets are stuck together.
5. Pull apart the petals.
My final product didn't look anything like the example Scholastic shared.
My second attempt, which was a little easier and better looking.
I was feeling discouraged about my dismal attempts.
Then I remembered all the "art" projects I've tried with my students during library time. I always think they are horrible, but the kids love them. I'm told I'm a fantastic artist or that my pictures are amazing.
Because kids don't look at things as critically as adults.                            And so, my flowers are going to be rocking it at the book fair next week. Because I tried.
What have you not tried because you thought it wouldn't turn out perfectly?
Laura Jackson is a school librarian, the author of YA novel, Worth the Wait, and tissue paper flower enthusiast. Find her at,, or


  1. These paper flowers sure bring back memories. I made them years and years ago. Laura, it seems sometime, we are our own worst enemies.

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

    1. Melanie, you're so true. We spend time worrying about things other people don't notice.

  2. I love paper flowers! When I was a little girl my parents would take me to an amusement park and they always had these huge paper flowers. I always wanted one. I'll have to see if I can make them for my girls.

    1. It would be a fun craft to decorate for spring!

  3. What fun! I have never made paper flowers, but I know my children will enjoy this project. Thank you for sharing the tutorial. Your flowers are sure to be a hit at the book fair, Laura!

    texaggs2000 at gmail dot com

    1. Thanks, Britney!
      Kids would enjoy it--would be a fun spring craft. :)

  4. Those are beautiful, and perfect for decorating a large space!

  5. Aww, the lovely paper flowers. I've done those many times. More when I was a kid than now. I'm sure they'll be a great success, Laura. Thanks for sharing.