Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 ~ Books in Review

And a Restful Day After Christmas To You ~

Thursday's Book Review has arrived and I'm still recovering from a major surgery to my eyes that took place a week ago yesterday.

I want to HIGHLY recommend the following books to you that I managed to get read over the last year.

ALL GOOD ~ Not in order of priority or date read. 

1.  A Proper Companion ~  Louise M. Gouge

2.  Dawn Comes Early ~  Margaret Brownley

3. Waiting For Morning  ~ Margaret Brownley

4. Gun Powder Tea ~ Margaret Brownley

5. The Captive Maiden ~ Melanie Dickerson

6. The Roman's Quest ~ Anne Baxter Campbell (see previous full review on STT)

7. Colorado Promise ~ Charlene Whitman (see previous full review on STT)

8. Chasing Hope ~ Kathryn Cushman

9. The Christmas Quilt ~ Vannetta Chapman

10. Elusive Hope ~ MaryLu Tyndall

11. A Talent For Trouble ~ Jen Turano

12. Stolen Legacy ~ Diane & David Munson

Just to name a few that stand out in my mind - I've read others this year and have made another goal for 2014 based on my inability to remember ALL those GOOD books I've read over 2013 ~

Making a note on my calendar each book I've finished reading and who's written it. I have only to look at my MANY Keeper Book Shelves lining the walls (yes that's PLURAL) of my library to see how many books I've added to them over the last twelve months and they don't get put on one of those shelves UNread.

May God richly bless you throughout ALL of 2014 with HIS best for your good.

Love and prayers for you, our readers, 



  1. I hope you recovery from surgery goes smoothly! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!! And I can't wait to look into some of those books!! They all sound amazing!! Thanks for the great post! :)

  2. Great books! And I am taking to heart your goal for making a note of the books you've read in your calendar. Must do that!!

  3. There's a couple on that list that are on my TBR list too. :) I'll have to dig 'em out.

    P.S. Glad to see you back at it, Joy. I hope your recovery is complete soon.

  4. Continuing to pray for your eyes and recovery, Joy.

    I keep a list each year of the books I've read that year. It's fun looking back through the years to see how many I've read.