Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review: The Alaskan Courage Series by Dani Pettrey

If you're like me, you've been a fan of Dee Henderson for years. I consider her the queen of Christian Romantic Suspense. Dani Pettrey may be a newer author, but her first series, The Alaskan Courage series, is just as amazing as the books we come to expect from the genre's best.

The heroines are strong. The men are manly and tough. The suspense is fast, and the romance is authentic. Deep character development and family ties tie the story together.

Readers are introduced to the McKenna family in Submerged when Cole McKenna is reunited with his high school love Bailey Craig to find out who killed her aunt.

It’ll take a few more books to decide if I like the McKenna clan as much as I do the O'Malleys, but it's going to be close. Each family member is unique yet bound together by a fierce family loyalty.

Shattered shares Piper McKenna's story. As she desperately tries to prove her brother’s innocence, she has to beg family friend Landon to help her.  

I loved this book even more than the first one, mainly because by book two, I knew the characters already. I like how the author showcases one sibling while including all the others, so the romance in the next book doesn't seem contrived since there were hints in book one. Piper is strong and stubborn, making her a great heroine.

I'm reading the third book, and it's amazing!

Fans of Dee and Irene Hannon will love this series. I had heard about these books for a year before I read them. Don't wait as long as I did to read this series.

Have you read this series? What did you think? Am I a Christian fiction heretic for comparing the McKennas to the beloved O'Malleys?


  1. I know now that I have to get these books. Thank you for your post!

  2. I love the McKennas and the Alaskan Courage series! I eagerly await the next book!!

    1. You've made my day telling me there's another one! Well, I had hoped there would be since I'm in the middle of the third and need to know more about a few more characters!
      Which book was your favorite?

  3. I've enjoyed Dee Henderson's stories for years and I've been curious about this new author. Perhaps these will make it under the Christmas tree this year. :) Thanks for sharing, Laura.

  4. I haven't read any of Dani's books, but have heard nothing but good things about them, & would like to. Thanks for the reviews, Laura!