Friday, September 27, 2013

FABRIC OF TIME SERIES By Andrea Boeshaar - One Of Our Own

Beloved author and very special friend to so many of our StitchesThruTime Group Blog.

I was privileged to do an Author Feature some time back on my personal blog when one of Andrea's other series was about to be released. This prolific writer has given Historical Romance writers a very high standard to aspire to.

Join me in reviewing another special series by this lovely woman.

 ~ FABRIC of TIME ~ Series. Three books that bring to life those who came from Norway to settle in Wisconsin with dreams of a new life to bolster them along the way.

Spanning the period of time between 1848 and 1902 Ms. Boeshaar weaves her tales of history and romance set in areas of Wisconsin familiar by their names to so many readers, but with interesting facts that seem so much a part of the tapestry of the story, you don’t recognize the information as a history lesson ~ oh so cleverly disguised.


Ever wonder what it was like in the mid 1800's for someone brought to a place not of their choosing and expected to do as they were told?
 THREADS OF HOPE gives us insight to what it must have been like to deal with finding family only to realize not all relatives are willing to look out for anyone's interest but their own. So much for a safe haven in such a case.


Hard to choose a favorite in this series, but I've always loved a story that takes place on a ship.  THREADS OF FAITH ~ has plenty of excitement when the heroine is accidentally hauled on ship in a barrel. 
I'd say this one comes in pretty close to over powering my enjoyment of the other two books.

 You have to meet JAKE in THREADS OF LOVE to find a hero you just don't want to forget. This book has all the elements to keep you up reading WAY past your bedtime, because you don't want to tell Jake goodnight - or - goodbye
BOOK THREEThank you, Andrea, for such entertaining, riveting tales!


  1. Thank you for the great reviews for these three wonderful books. Their covers are beautiful and I love their titles. I am drawn in by just the bits I have read in these reviews. Thank you again!

  2. Beautiful covers and the three blurbs whet my interest!

  3. Believe it or not, I read book 2 first. I enjoyed it so much that now Book 1 is waiting on my stand. :) Looking forward to reading all 3.

    Thanks for sharing, Joy, and thanks, Andrea, for sharing these stories with us. :)

  4. Oh, I look forward to reading these wonderful books. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Interesting stories - especially the one about the lady hauled on ship in a barrel. Would love to read them! Thanks for the review!