Thursday, February 14, 2019

When Valleys Bloom Again: A Book Review

Journey to the days of World War II with its myriad challenges for survival. Parents want to protect their children, even when they’re legally of age. England isn’t safe in 1939, and Abby Stapleton’s parents are determined to send her to America.
She arrives at her aunt and uncle’s estate in Pennsylvania. Aunt Val is abrasive and Abby doesn’t understand why. Her uncle is a dear, but his health is failing.
Abby meets Jim, whom her parents wouldn’t approve of. He’s a poor gardener on the estate. Uncle Will’s nephew Henri is his self-absorbed attorney who has secrets of his own. He decides Abby would make a beautiful, pliable wife.
Abby wants to marry Jim. He’s drafted and sent to Europe. She can tell from his letters that the war is changing him. Does he still love her?
When Valleys Bloom Again covers a wide time frame, from 1939 to 1945. That necessitates skimming over some events that would be interesting to delve into further. For instances, is Henri really Uncle’s nephew or did something sinister happen? He’s nothing like Uncle Will.

Pat Jeanne Davis weaves a story of young people challenged through difficult times and still finding happiness. An intriguing debut novel of separation and duplicity, love and loss.

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  1. Thank you, Terri, for featuring my debut novel here today and for all the support you've given to my writing.

  2. Nice review for When Valleys Bloom Again. I've discovered several new authors on STT writing stories set during WWII.