Monday, April 17, 2017

Storms and Sunrises by Jamin Baldwin

I woke to cloudy skies and pouring rain for the second day in a row. With a groan I rolled over and pulled the blanket over my eyes.

Another dreary day.

I could feel my mood darken at the thought of another damp, chilly day. Its Spring! Where are the blue skies and singing birds?

Glancing out the window I continued my mental tantrum, when I felt a small check in my heart.

There is no such thing as a dull sunrise.

You might not see it through the gloom, but it doesn't mean it isn't just as bright, just as majestic as it always is.

The key is to wait out the storm and know in your soul that the Sun rose. Even through all the rain you can still see the light. Even through all the gloom you can tell that its morning.

The Bible says "the righteous will shine forth like the Sun in the Kingdom of The Father."

It isn't enough to not complain about the storms and darkness in our lives, but we, as the Children of Light, are supposed to be the sun for others to see.

Be the light that shines through someones dark rain clouds. Be the light that awakes them from their sleep to let them know that morning has finally dawned. Be the Light of hope and let them know, though the storm is raging, the Sun has risen and the storm cannot outlast the Sun.

Enjoy the Sunrise, Be the light.

In addition to writing historical novellas and poetry, Jamin Baldwin is also a song writer and sings at her local church. She has been a volunteer as a Sunday school teacher and the VBS decorating coordinator for the past three years. With her Irish/Native American roots firmly planted in SE Ohio, Jamin enjoys the simple life on her small farm with her husband. Where she homeschools their three small children. Her writing styles range from inspirational to romance. Seeking plots and ideas for her novellas that stray outside the ordinary. Yet, drawing inspiration from every day life.


  1. Beautiful poem to remind us that we are to let our light shine at our time. Thankful we always have God's "Son" light within us to shine forth. Have a blessed week one and all.

  2. Thanks for your inspiring post. Yesterday was Easter Sunday and it was a day of both rain and sunshine. It was also a reminder that even as the sun arose, so did God's Son!

  3. Loved your post! And thanks for the reminder that the sun rises whether we see it or not!