Friday, April 7, 2017

Let the Game of Wits Begin!

Welcome! So excited to celebrate and share with you my new release: The Patriot and the Loyalist!

Completing his three years in the Continental Army, Daniel Reid still has no desire to return home—not after losing the woman he loves to a British Captain—so he volunteers to ride south through enemy lines and deliver a message to Colonel Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox. With his temper needing a release and a dark haired beauty finding her way into his broken heart, Daniel decides to join the Swamp Fox’s efforts against the British. Little does he know the British still have the upper hand.

Lydia Reynolds has learned that love comes at a price, and she refuses to pay. Better to close her heart to everything and everyone. When her brother-in-law won't grant her passage to England, where she hopes to hide from her pain, New Englander, Daniel Reid, becomes her only hope—if she can induce him to give her information about the notorious Swamp Fox and his troops. When the British grow impatient and Daniel evades her questions, Lydia must decide how far to take her charade. The poor man, already gutted by love, hasn’t grown as wise as she. Or so she supposes…

Until the truth is known, the muskets are loaded…and it is time to decide where true loyalties lie.

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I had a lot of fun writing The Patriot and the Loyalist and following the movements and historical
events surrounding one of my childhood heroes, Colonel Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox. I grew up with Disney's series done about the Revolutionary War hero and was excited to bring him to life again.
Leslie Nielsen playing the Swamp Fox in 1959

Daniel and Lydia's story and their "game of wits" was also very fun to write. Bringing these two to life on the page with all their weaknesses, hopes, fears...and growing affections, was very rewarding.

But enough about how much I enjoyed this book:

"A poignant blend of adversity and love set against the gritty backdrop of war, Angela Couch skillfully weaves a redemptive story that will keep fans of historical romance turning pages and rooting for a happily ever after."
~Heidi McCahan, author of Unraveled and Covering Home
"From the descriptive pen of award-winning historical author Angela K Couch comes an intriguing tale of lies and deceit that will keep you turning the pages way into the night… I always enjoy Angela’s stories where history meets fiction. The Patriot and The Loyalist was no exception."
~ Marion Ueckermann, USA Today Bestselling Author
"The Patriot and the Loyalist brings readers a Revolutionary War historical that will keep them reading both for the romance and the intrigue."
~Janet Ferguson, author of Leaving Oxford
"Angela K Couch delivers once again. The only problem with The Patriot and the Loyalist−it is impossible to put aside. Filled with realistic characters, its wonderful storyline stays with you long after you finish reading."
~Lucy Nel, author of The Widow’s Captive

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Do you have a hero from the American Revolution? Or from any of the wars?


  1. I am so glad you wrote this book too! I loved it!!!

  2. I think all the founding fathers were courageous and self- sacrificing. I don't think kids nowadays appreciate what was done for them because they aren't being taught the real history. Do you remember in 8th grade we had to take the Constitution. exam and had to memorize the preamble, the Declaration of Independence, and the Gettysburg Address?

    1. I think that is why I love writing historical fiction. A way to share my love of history with others and increase their appreciation.

  3. Congratulations on your new release, Angela. Sorry I missed the party. Just now reading this and clicked on the link and saw you listed winners 7 minutes ago.

    Our founding fathers definitely trusted God and gave of themselves more than Americans are doing today.

    1. It's all about having a vision and knowing you are in line with God's will. That's something the founding Fathers had and we need more of. Thanks!

  4. Sounds like an intriguing read. Congrats on the new release, Angela!

  5. Thanks for sharing this post today. I remember The Swamp Fox!