Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Easter Bunny Pompom Wreath by Guest Jeanna Gregg

Howdy y'all! Crystal here and today I've got a special guest for you--my sister!

Jeanna and Crystal - Then Jeanna & Crystal - Now
Jeanna is like super-crafty. She can sew, quilt, crochet, bake, cook, and make just about anything, even jewelry. Oh and did I mention she loves decorating for almost every major holiday on the calendar. :)

Well, yesterday she sent me a picture of her newest crafty creation--an Easter Bunny Pompom Wreath. I thought it was so cute I asked her to share it with y'all today. Generous gal that she is, she agreed. :)

So here it is...

Easter Bunny Pompom Wreath

Materials Needed:

1 - large Plastic Canvas Sheet
1 - pink sheet of felt
1- 6" Wooden Embroidery Hoop (for the head)
1 - 10" Wooden Embroidery Hoop (for the body)
1 - piece of crafting wire (~20 gauge)
Yarn to make pompoms
40 - Extra Small Pompoms (for ears)
Varying Numbers of Small, Medium, and Large Pompoms (for head and body)

Quick tips on Pompoms:

  • Extra Small Pompoms can be made using a fork:
    • Wrap yarn around the end of the fork prongs multiple times
    • Thru the middle gap, tie the yarn together with a small piece of string
    • Slide the yarn off the fork
    • Cut through the loops making the lengths as evenly as possible
    • Fluff the yarn into a pompom
  • Small, Med, and Large Pompoms
    • Pompom makers sold in craft stores come in very handy or you can look online for various ideas.
  • When you tie off the pompoms, leave an extra length to fasten to the frame.
  • Ears:
    • Cut out 4 (four) rabbit ear shapes from the plastic canvas sheet. 
    • Cut out 2 rabbit ear shapes from the felt that will leave a 1/4" of canvas showing all around the sides and top. the felt will need to go to the bottom of the canvas.
    • Take 1 felt ear and 2 plastic canvas ears. Center and Sew the felt to the canvas. Repeat for second ear.
    • Sew the extra small pompoms on the edge of the ears, leaving the bottom edge open.
  • Using crafting wire, attach the two embroidery hoops together and attach the ears to the smaller of the two hoops. 
  • Securely tie the small, medium, and large pompoms to the loops using the extra length. 

That's it! Feel free to accessorize with a stuffed carrot, Easter sign, eggs, etc.

Happy Easter, y'all!

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    1. A cute and crafty idea for children to help make. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Yes, this would be great to do with little ones. Thanks for stopping by, Marilyn. :-)

    2. Thanks for sharing this adorable wreath!

    3. You're welcome, Connie. Thanks for dropping by! Happy Easter!