Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekly Windup: Enter to Win Lavender Fields Inn by June Foster!

Weekly Windup

Welcome to the Weekly Windup!

Winner of the 4 books in the Shadow Series by Tina Pinson is...Paula (paylams49)!

Congratulations!  If you are a winner, please contact us to claim your prize.


Coming up this week:

Monday: Devotion by Caryl McAdoo
Tuesday: Voice of America by Linda Matchett
Wednesday: Veggie Gardens by Elaine Manders
Thursday: Book review by Jenn Fromke
Friday: Emerald Isle Quiz by Shirley Raye Redmond
Saturday: Interview with Carolyn Miller

This Week's Giveaway:

Lavender Fields Inn  by June Foster (ebook)

Wren Tabor hopes the cool Colorado air at Lavender Fields Inn will heal her aching heart after her former boyfriend betrays her. When she literally bumps into handsome accountant Graham Maier, the painful memories from the past begin to fade. But after she sees Graham kissing another woman, she figures no man can be trusted.
Graham Maier needs to prove to his father he's as capable as his brother Greg. The Rocky Mountain Anglers' Tournament at Gold Pan Lake will give him the chance. But he must win first place. After he meets Wren, a woman like the unnamed girl who's occupied his dreams, he can't understand why she suddenly won't speak to him.
Can Wren learn to trust men again? Can Graham understand how valuable he is in God's sight?

 Comment on any post now through March 26th to get your name in the drawing! Winner will be announced in the Weekly Windup on March 27th.


  1. Congratulations Paula. Great win!!

  2. Congratulations, Paula!!

  3. Congratulations Paula. I will get the books out as soon as I can. Thanks so much everyone for coming by.


  4. Congratulations, Paula! Happy reading.