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Mushroom Chili

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I know today’s Woven Wednesday, but I haven’t had much time for crafts. I do have to eat on a regular basis though, and I’ve decided to share a new recipe I developed. Recently I’ve been trying to eat more vegetables and less meat, so I’ve been experimenting with meat replacement options, but not tofu. I tried it once, but couldn’t stand the taste. Instead, I’ve discovered that mushrooms make a decent meat substitute.  Not only are they free of cholesterol and fat, they’re also low in carbohydrates and calories.

 Here’s an easy vegetarian chili recipe I came up with that has two of my favorite veggies as the base: mushroom and beans. The Bush’s Fiesta black beans contain all the spices you need, but they can make this dish a bit spicy, so if you want less spice you could substitute regular black beans, or any other kind of beans you’d prefer, and add your own spices. I also use no salt options whenever I can, too.

 The great thing about this recipe is its flexibility. I’ve even made a meat version using ¼ pound of hamburger to give a meat flavor to the mushroom meat-stand-in. The options are limitless.


·       1 box pre-sliced mushrooms (button, bella, or whatever you prefer.)

·       1 green pepper

·       ½ onion, diced (or more if you desire.)

·       Enough low-sodium vegetable broth to sauté vegetable in (about ¼ cup)

·       1 can diced tomatoes

·       1 can Bush’s Fiesta black beans (or beans of your choice)

·       1 small can chopped green chiles



·       Place rinsed, cleaned mushrooms in a skillet and using two sharp edged spatulas, chopped the mushrooms into smaller pieces.

·       Add the green pepper, onion and vegetable broth.

·       Sauté vegetables in vegetable broth until onion is translucent and peppers have begun to get tender.

·       Add remaining ingredients

·       Simmer until the mixture begins to bubble and is heated through and you’re ready to eat.


If you like a thick chili, add more beans or vegetables. If you prefer your chili soupier, add an additional can of tomatoes. I have even been known to stretch this meal by adding another can of beans to the leftovers.


For extra fiber in the meal, I serve this chili with a soybean spaghetti and coleslaw. Yummy in the tummy! And oh, so welcome on a chilly winter day.


Bon Appétit

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  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe for Mushroom Chili. Sounds delicious. I just found a recipe for Sweet Potato Chili which I want to make. I prefer my veggies and fruits over meat.

    1. I like sweet potatoes but can't envision them in chili. :-) thanks for dropping by.

  2. I love mushrooms! This chili sounds very yummy. I never put hamburger in my meals....I can't stand the smell or taste of it. (surprising side effect of my second pregnancy that has stuck to this day)

  3. We love it. If you have trouble finding the Bush's beans you can use black beans and season to your liking. Thanks for commenting.

  4. I will certainly try this recipe. We are chili lovers and I usually make chili with the traditional recipe but this could provide a nice change! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome. I hope you enjoy the recipe. Thanks for commenting.