Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Spicing it up!

I admit that the title might be misleading, I don't like my salsa that hot. Or my peaches. But bear with me. As summer fades into autumn and fruit and vegetables fill up my refrigerator, and counter tops, and my table, and under my table, etc... I follow my mother's and grandmother's example and pull out my large stock pots, glass jars, and boxes of rings and caps. Canning season begins!

Here is a sample of some of our favorites:

My hubby loves peaches so we hit a u-pick and bottled about 80 pounds this summer along with some peach juice. The two youngest enjoy applesauce, but thankfully I still had some from last year. While visiting my in-laws on Vancouver Island we helped ourselves to bushes of raspberries and blackberries. Lots of jam! And it was wonderful not having to do it, and manage the kids, all by myself! :) Pickled beets was last week. That's one of my favorites and thankfully my garden produced just enough for a nice sized batch. But today I'll talk about Salsa. A big project looming in my near future!

But so good and so worth it! 

My mother found a recipe I love. This comes out mild, but you can add a few more peppers and heat things up if you like. 

In a large stock pot (though I like to mix it in one and cook it in two to avoid spilling and burning) combine:

2 1/2  gallons chopped tomatoes (drain)
6  large green bell peppers
8  large onions (I know, makes you want to cry! Love my husband and the food processor he bought!)
3  Tbsp honey
3/4  cups vinegar
1 1/2  tsp cumin
1 1/2  tsp oregano
2  Tbsp garlic powder
2  Tbsp onion powder
5  Tbsp salt
3  12 oz cans Tomato paste
2  7 oz cans green chilies
1  3 oz can jalapeno peppers

Bring to rolling boil. Bottle in sterilized jars. Seal with sterilized lids. Process 20 min/pint (adjusting for altitude.) And enjoy. 

Individual results will vary. 

Do you like to do bottling, and
 what is your favorite?


  1. My mom and grandmother used to do a lot of canning and my oldest sister still does. I never got into it. I do, however, admire those who take the time to can. From what I understand, it's very time consuming.

    1. It is that! The main reason i got into it after leaving home was my husband's love for peaches and an overabundance of tomatoes. :)

  2. We don't can or bottle, but we do freeze fruit up from fresh.

    1. Freezer bags are my friend! :) I do that with all our berries and most our vegetables.

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  4. Growing up on a farm I learned to can and freeze produce at an early age. I still enjoy doing it. Canning season is almost completed where I live. The canned and frozen fruits and vegetables are so good during the winter months or any time.

  5. Years ago I canned or pickled just about everything, even watermelon rinds. :-) Loved this post.

  6. I have preserved foods for many years by freezing or canning the produce. I especially enjoy the tomato juice and Apple butter that I can and it is so rewarding to be able to open a jar in the wintertime.
    Thanks for sharing your recipe.