Monday, April 4, 2016


            Are you over-committed?  Whenever the sign up sheet is passed around does your name quickly get added?  Are you on every committee, responsible for baked goods, and one of the only people who sign up for after hour clean up?  If so, you need to make a few changes.  There is only one thing you should sign up for and be committed to; that is Serving God.
             Although it is important that each believer find a place to serve in the church, you may find yourself signing up to help out at every church function and event.  You may even believe this is serving God.  Believe me though, that is not God’s plan. When a person signs up for everything, their best talents are usually wasted.  If you make a great bean salad, but aren’t very good at sweeping floors you are wasting your God given talents showing up for clean up. If you have the talent and time to be on the clean up crew, then that is where you will serve best.  God wants us all to be servants in the world and in His house.  That is why He gives different gifts and talents to each one of us; this way there should be a unique individual to fill each area and responsibility.
            If we jump in, signing up in areas that God hasn’t really placed us, we suffer, the event suffers, those around us suffer, and the person whom God really had in mind for the job loses the blessing they would have received by using the Gift God gave them.           
            The way you can tell if God wants you in that place is by taking a happiness measurement.  Are you happy doing this job?  Are the people around you happy while you are doing the job?  If not, this is not your ministry.           
            When the job is completed do you feel fulfilled or are you empty?  Even if you are doing something wonderful and worthwhile, if it wasn’t God’s plan for you to do it, you will not be satisfied.  When we use our God given gifts in an area which God has directed us, not only are those involved blessed, but we are satisfied and full too.
            There is one thing you can sign up for and never be over committed to; Salvation.  Once you have accepted Christ and His Salvation, you need to be highly involved in your commitment.  
            So, scratch your name off of a few lists, call and cancel a few of the commitments you made. Spend some quality and quantity time with God.  When He sees that you are fully committed to Him, He will make it much clearer to you what job and responsibilities He wants you to Sign Up For.
All Holly wants is to join her younger brother in Golden, Colorado with his adopted father for Christmas, so when the opportunity to ride on the Orphan Train arises, she jumps at the chance. However, her unexpected arrival in town right before Christmas is not what Jake Carson had planned for Christmas, but since she is his adopted son Tommy's sister, he feels he must take her in for the holiday. Will Holly find a new home in Golden, Colorado and perhaps a true love by Christmas?

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