Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Sparrow in Terezin

Every now and then, I discover an author whose writing touches a deep chord within me. I devour every book they write. Elizabeth Camden is one of those writers. Kate Breslin is another. And now Kristy Cambron is yet another.

I read Ms. Cambron’s novel “The Butterfly and the Violin” a few months ago. A riveting, well-written book that wove together the stories of two women around a painting from WWII, “Butterfly” caused me to lose more than a little sleep. For that reason, I waited to read its sequel, “A Sparrow in Terezin,” until my recent vacation. I was not disappointed, and you won’t be either.

Sera James was left at the altar several years ago. She managed to put the past behind her and is set to marry the man of her dreams, William Hanover. Then the police arrive at their wedding, and she discovers William may not be the man she thinks he is. In 1939, Kaja Makovsky barely escapes Prague with her life. When she learns that Jews are being exterminated by the thousands, she decides she must return to her home city to rescue her half-Jewish family. Sera and Kaja are connected across the years by a Holocaust survivor, and each must fight to protect those they love.

Ms. Cambron’s characters are interesting, complex characters who struggle with real-life issues. The dialogue and description will immerse you in the WWII era and the life of a successful art gallery owner. The transitions between the time periods effectively create page-turning suspense. Sera, William, and Kaja will stay with you long after you’ve closed the book.

And I’ve got good news! Ms. Cambron will be releasing another novel in June of this year entitled “The Ringmaster’s Wife.”

Who is your favorite author?

A freelance writer for over ten years, Linda Shenton Matchett also writes historical fiction. Her ebook novella “Love’s Harvest” released on April 4, 2016 through Amazon. She is also seeking a publisher for her series about WWII war correspondent Ruth Brown. Visit her at


  1. I have several authors that I enjoy and I am adding Kristy to my list. I am wanting to read A Sparrow in Terezin,

  2. OH my, I have too many to mention! Thank you for your great post!

    1. I hear you! Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. I love MaryLu Tyndall's can't go wrong with redeemed pirates. I've yet to read Kristy's books...this one sounds good.

    1. I'm not familiar with MaryLu Tyndall, but you're right - can't go wrong with redeemed pirates. Will be giving her books a try.