Thursday, December 3, 2015

Silent Stars of Bethlehem by Laura Poole

Silent Stars of Bethlehem is a Christmas romance included in the "O' Little Town of Christmas" Collection. As the title suggests, the novella is set in Bethlehem...North Carolina. I found this story a touching story of discovering faith and love--all in the spirit of Christmas. I really enjoyed the plot twists that both brought the couple together and pulled them apart.

Here is the back cover blurb to give you an idea of the characters:

From the time she was a child, Carly Shepherd has gazed at the silent stars in the night sky of her home town of Bethlehem, North Carolina. With her childhood overshadowed by her father’s abandonment and mother’s alcoholism, she wonders how anyone can believe in an equally silent God. After all, she’s not felt his presence any more than her earthly father. Though she remembers Christmas pageants and attending church as a child, she no longer has any use for what she considers fairy tales. 

Drew Middleton is seeking shelter from a rain storm when he walks into Carly’s vendor tent at a fall festival, but he’s quickly taken with the talented artist and her creations. Feeling an instant connection, Carly is confused by her feelings, especially when she realizes his spiritual commitment. 

Dealing with a wayward brother and career opportunities that may require relocation, Drew knows now is not the best time to begin a relationship, especially with someone who doesn’t share his faith. 

Carly’s past and their chance of future together collide when she’s snared into refurbishing sets for a Christmas pageant with Drew’s help. 

Will Drew’s love and their shared experience bring about a spiritual awakening in Carly this Christmas? Or will time run out as the stars continue to shine silently over Bethlehem?

I love the memorable characters Laura Poole has brought to life, and the very real struggles she left for them to overcome. So, fix yourself some hot chocolate, wrap yourself in a blanket and snuggle us with this heartwarming tale. And while you're at it, also pick up her novella from last Christmas, A Christmas Chance. But if you do, make sure you have some tissues. ;)


  1. This sounds like a wonderful Christmas read. Thank you for featuring it.

  2. It is. Thanks for stopping by, Connie! :)

  3. Every story in the Little Town of Christmas collection that I have seen reviewed or introduced have sounded like sweet little romantic reads.