Monday, November 23, 2015

One Woman Who Made a Difference

Hi Lovely Readers, Elaine here, hoping you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week. I’ve been working on my website for my author’s platform, which is almost non-existent at the moment. Today I’m going to share a bit of my research into the great women of history. Since this is the season for helping the poor, this is the woman who epitomizes Christian charity—Mother Teresa.

How did this diminutive nun, born in Macedonia and living in the poor sections of Calcutta most of her life, become the icon of good works to both secular and Christian alike?

In 1946, Teresa experienced what she later described as “the call within the call” She was to leave the convent and help the poor while living among them. Sister Teresa became Mother Teresa and began tending to the needs of the destitute and starving. She had no income and had to resort to begging for food and supplies. Then her efforts caught the attention of Indian officials and funds to support the ministry grew.

Teresa received Vatican permission in 1950 to start the diocesan congregation that would become the Missionaries of Charity. Its mission was to care for, in her words, “the hungry, the naked, the homeless, the crippled, the blind, the lepers, all those people who feel unwanted, unloved, uncared for throughout society, people that have become a burden to the society and are shunned by everyone.”

In 1952, Mother Teresa opened the first Home for the Dying in Calcutta, a free hospice for the poor. Her goal was to provide a place “for people who lived like animals to die like angels—loved and wanted.”

Mother Teresa has won numerous honors, including the 1979 Novel Peace Prize. After her death in 1997, the Catholic Church began the process to elevate her to sainthood.

Matthew 25:32-46 tells of the great throne judgment where all are judged by the measure of their help to the needy. None of us may accomplish all that Mother Teresa did, but we will all face this same judgment.

With the holiday season coming, the opportunity to help the needy will increase as it always does. Each one of us can do something to make the season better for those in need. It’s good to remember, not all of the needy are poor. Some are starved for companionship. A kind word spoken at the right time can be as helpful as working in a soup kitchen.

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  1. A great woman, and a great reminder. :) Thanks!

    1. Hi Angela

      With all the evil people in the news, it's good to remember there are still those who follow Christ.

  2. Thank you for this excellent tribute to Mother Teresa and for sharing the news about the free download.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks Connie. Many blessings on you and your family during this season.

  3. I have learned so much about the Catholic church and its history from homeschooling. I truly appreciate Mother Theresa more with that historic knowledge. I know that she was a wonderful person, but I fear I may have judged Catholicism unfairly based on plain ignorance.