Monday, August 31, 2015

Acts of Kindness

It's been a humbling past few weeks. I had some major surgery on August 11th and have been unable to do anything physical since then so my body has time to heal. That means no pushing, pulling, lifting more than very light things, no housework, yard work, etc. To be honest at first I thought I would find it relaxing. Now... not so much. I'm finding it hard to 'take it easy'.

My husband and I have been blessed by a few friends from the Bible study I lead who have supplied meals for us. Hubby has been working full time while also trying to keep up with dishes, laundry, garbage, yard work, grocery shopping.... you name it, he's been having to do it.

With the time off housework I thought I'd be able to write and do other creative things. Unfortunately that hasn't happened as much as I'd like. My poor brain has been in a fog and refuses to cooperate when it comes to concentrating to the level I need to work on my novel. 

Several weeks ago we had some beautiful, cool weather. I turned off the air conditioner and wanted to let the light breeze blow through the house. Only trouble was I wasn't able to lift the windows to do so. A friend dropped by for a few minutes to deliver a meal for the evening. She was on her lunch break and only had a short time but she opened my kitchen windows for me, allowing the cool wind to blow through the house. You'll never know how much that simple act of kindness blessed me.

This same friend had visited earlier in the week and brought me lunch and these beautiful flowers. She didn't do anything extravagant but she blessed me in so many ways. Her acts of kindness made me think of those who are in need, hurting, discouraged, etc. who would be extremely blessed by a simple act of kindness.

I can't do a lot right now, but I will be on the lookout for ways I can bless others. Sometimes all it takes is a note of encouragement. It doesn't take much to bless someone's life.

How have you been shown kindness recently?


  1. My neighbour has helped me in a lot of small ways lately. They all add up to such generosity of spirit.

  2. Our pastor spoke on forgiveness today and I have always thought of myself as someone who forgives easily. Not because I'm a push-over, but because I like the freedom forgiveness allows me. About a year ago, my husband emerged from nearly three years of a medical and psychological induced darkness due to the effects of PTSD. During those three years, I was home-schooling, performing mom and dad duties and being a care-giver. On top of those responsibilities, I was diagnosed with a para-thyroid tumor. My husband was incapable of being a support for me and I had to manage all of my dr's appts, testings, and surgeries all while still managing the familial tasks.

    Fast forward two years - last weekend our former pastor and family from overseas came to visit us after not seeing each other for almost 8 years. We shared what has happened during our time apart and I shared the above, as well. I realized, today, after sharing this trying time in our life that I haven't forgiven my husband for not being available to me during my illness. I, also, understand that I have my own apologies to make.

    The kindness I am talking about is the act of listening. I was able to share this burden that I didn't even realize was still a burden. My friend gave me the gift of listening which led to an even greater kindness that I could give my family - forgiveness and freedom from that bondage. With that freedom will come a more relaxed mama and wife.

    Sorry for the long-winded story. I might have failed to mention that I am a bit of a talker. :)

  3. I witness many acts of kindness every day. It's great :D

    Yesterday, I was going at a friends house and when I got out of the subway, I took the wrong street. So I called a friend who had already arrived to let her know I would be late and she asked me if I wanted her to come and get me. So sweet! She would have walked all the way to get if I would have needed it :) I declined though, as I knew how to get to my friends house. But I'm still glad to know that I could have counted on her ;)