Monday, June 1, 2015

One Isn't Enough -- Guest Post by Jamin Baldwin


Of many things in life one is enough.
One love to last a lifetime.
One confidante with which to bare one's soul and confide one's secret fears.
One God to save our tortured souls from darkness.

But on the other hand . . .

One chubby, baby hand in mine.
One kiss goodnight while wrapped in my Mother arms.
One sunset that is followed by a dawn . . .
Of these things, one is never enough.

I stumbled across this scripture:
Philippians 1:3
   I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.

While reading these words I was immediately flooded with an ocean of wonderful memories:
Memories of my grandmothers, both gone from this life 11 months apart.
Accompanied by all the smells, tastes and sounds my brain archived away with them.
My emotions overwhelmed, I thought . . .
One sleep over was never enough. One game of Skip-bo. One Christmas decorating the tree in purple or drinking a cup of Red rose tea with homemade pancakes . . . not enough . . .

This got me to thinking of memories and the making thereof. And I wondered to myself am I making good memories? Someday, will someone think back and thank God for the moments that they shared with me?

Today, this is my goal, and every day that I live. You don't have to be extravagant to make a worthwhile memory. To change someone's life forever all you need is a kind word. A gentle touch. A smile. A joke or a listening ear.
Let it be said of me someday with all who knew me . . .
One just wasn't enough.

Jamin Baldwin is a new, up-and-coming author whose writing interests span everything from historical romances to poetry and devotions. Along with home schooling her own children, she is also a volunteer in the children’s ministry at her church. The simplicity of country life is an insurmountable influence on all her writing endeavors. Connect with her at:


  1. A lovely post. I know what you mean about the memories flooding in.

    1. Overwhelmed but so very thankful to have them Mary. Thank you

  2. Lovely, Jamin. So proud of you!

    1. Thanks Carole. My writing Mother. Without you...none of this would have been possible.♥